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  1. sokol

    senuke decapcher

    whats the best decaptcher for senuke?
  2. sokol

    facebook animations

    facebook groups with animated images are increasing tremendously, does anyone know how to add animated images
  3. sokol

    HTML Standards Check

    check this
  4. sokol

    Google Search Functions and Competition...

    its surprising reading this question comparing to your join date to this forum. you should have learned something about SEO . Anyway im trying to give a short description to your question. What i always try to focus when building a site is the keyword competitiveness. As you sad its very...
  5. sokol

    My Free Script to get 70 High Pr Backlinks

    pinging works but it shows safe mode warning, is there any prob. thanks for sharing
  6. sokol

    need to put a site down, willing to $$

    dont care if you dont believe, just check hxxp:// and see....moron
  7. sokol

    need to put a site down, willing to $$

    Well i know this sounds ilegal but i have a strong reason for doing this. This motherf** hacked my site, stole my host account and put my site down for about 1 week. well it's a travel agency site and my PR felt from PR5 to PR4. Google did not indexed me for 2 months. well this was like death...
  8. sokol

    Is there a way to tell how much money a site makes?

    try, gives you some info
  9. sokol

    Referral Source Messages on WordPress

    Personalization comes in many forms on the Web these days. While you may not know everything about the user(s) visiting your WordPress weblog, you might be surprised to learn that you actually have a lot more data than you think about each user session. Here's an example of WP Greet Box and...
  10. sokol

    Google Buzz Marketing Strategies?

    it wont be as massive as twitter, you must have google account + not as simple as twitter
  11. sokol

    What HTML editor do you use?

    Dreanweaver CS4 is perfect
  12. sokol

    Godaddy coupon 7 $ .COM

    6.99 $ .COM - cjc699 Expires in 2 days.
  13. sokol

    How to give link of flash button in dreamweaver?

    you have to give it with your flash maker, links are inside flash. if your using adobe flash search behaviours
  14. sokol

    best freewebhosting for autoblog

    try byethost
  15. sokol

    Fake Google Analytics

    take a look here
  16. sokol

    Decoding Footer Links In WP Themes Resource

    another way, save as complete webpage. open it with html editor, find <div id="footer"> and copy it to footer.php
  17. sokol

    traffic exchange autoclicker

    is it adsense safe?
  18. sokol

    traffic exchange autoclicker

    whats different from some online traffic exchange sites, why do i have to overload my PC?
  19. sokol

    Creating Health Website Help Needed

    step 1. just find a theme , there are a lot of adsense ready themes. step 2. Install needed plugins, do not overload it with plugins. if you want to go on autopilot you need wp-omatic (i prefer it). step 3. get some unique content for your main pages. step 4. get traffic to your site. you can...
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