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  1. DutchRebel

    The More I Build, The Worse My Rankings

    I havent seen the most obvious reason/ question here.. 1. are you just linking to the home page? 2. what anchors are you using? just building links to your homepage is not natural. spread the links to other pages and you`ll see those pages climb in rank as wel.. if you use the same...
  2. DutchRebel

    Ranking for other than .com domain

    if you want to rank in norway always use .no!!! i`m dutch, and while it isn`t imposible to rank .coms in, .nl domains are much, much easier to rank locally.. .com is an international domain.. and wil rank anywhere. local extension wil rank only in the native country, but wil do it...
  3. DutchRebel

    [Question] Using Dashes In A Domain

    always take or .org over domains with hyphens.. when they are also taken you can start using hyphens, or when possible consider .com/.org/.net tld's are international, so there isn`t much difference in ranking them. .com is just preferred because...
  4. DutchRebel

    looking for Dutch marketeers

    I`ve coocked up a new,free, easy and extremely powerfull backlink strategy. It`s an old concept, modified to suit current SEO rules and avoid being flagged as spam by google. for now i`m looking for up to 10 serious Dutch marketeers who are willing to join in a team and work together...
  5. DutchRebel

    Holy crap, this guy is unreal

    he probably did a few years in prison. little food and a lot of time to pump iron.. or he just doesn`t have a real life, got bullied in school and now spends all his time at the gym to try to get some self esteem back and hopes doing this eventually will make him feel better about himself ...
  6. DutchRebel

    It`s "international organ donation week" now. whats your opinion?

    Hey People. as some of you might know, its curently "international week of organ donation". This weeks goal is to make people aware of the importance of being an organ donor when you die.. Today i was a guest on a dutch radioshow (3FM Radio) discussing the importance of donation and if...
  7. DutchRebel

    5 Most Important Link Building Methods & Tools

    Thats easy... You need to do all of them.. diversity still rules. And you really need to make your own system of it. Every niche, site and person is different. If everybody does it the same way. It will be inefective very fast.. So find your own way and master it Posted via Mobile Device
  8. DutchRebel

    Yet Another ScrapeBox Thread ... 0.25% Success Rate :(

    @jb2008 I think your succes rate wil be higher with good proxys. The botleneck for you isnt the comment itself. Its the filter that gets it out before it even could be moderated. The best comment is useles when its marked as spam because of ip.. Posted via Mobile Device
  9. DutchRebel

    Giving Cashback for CB products?

    You have to ask your vendor Posted via Mobile Device
  10. DutchRebel

    some questions if you can spend me a minute of your time

    Just start bulding a few satalite pages. Like articles or web2.0 pages that link to your site and spam those.. This way you only build afew links to your main site but you make them more powerfull.. Lot of info about it here. Search for "doorway pages" or "parasites" Posted via Mobile Device
  11. DutchRebel

    Bum Marketing still effective?

    Sure. Articles still work. But why dont you just write a few good articles and promote them.. Make sure they rank.. Seems like a better system to me Posted via Mobile Device
  12. DutchRebel

    Here's how I make 4000K a month... Help make more!

    you making 4000k a month? thats 4 million a month ;)
  13. DutchRebel

    Domains with hyphens much harder to rank with

    What are the anchors for the links? Doe they have the keyword in it? How is the page optimized for the keyword? Does the first site have a better internal linking setup. Posted via Mobile Device
  14. DutchRebel

    Scrapebox for autoblogging?

    Blacklinks pro does a lot of automated promotion for you.. And posting comments with random names is still usefull. It helps indexing your pages and gets more pagerank flowing trough your site.. Also make sure you instal a internal linking plugin. Like related post plugin for example...
  15. DutchRebel

    Do you donate money for good causes?

    Teach them to fish.. and they can support their hole family for generations to come. Posted via Mobile Device
  16. DutchRebel

    Do you donate money for good causes?

    I donate to wspa and ifaw, im shocked how some people treat animals... Plus im involved with local projects for homeless people. I also do micro investments for people who waant to start a bussiness in third world countrys.. Posted via Mobile Device
  17. DutchRebel

    Best practice for Article Submission

    Spam the articles with a bunch of links.. they need some help to get ranked.. Posted via Mobile Device
  18. DutchRebel

    Does .info rank in Google?

    lol. are you even indexed? as i posted before google prefers geo domains.. but second come all general domains. including .com, .org, .net and .info. for seo it doesn`t matter.. its just the humans who value a .info lower.. its asociated with spam a lot, and anyone who wants to build...
  19. DutchRebel

    Backlinks shown on Google: 0, yahoo 60

    first of all google wont show links it thinks are not highly important mostly no-follow. since google is the only search engine that reads nofollow tags. yahoo and bing ignore nofollow tags.. second, even though google indexes links real quick, the data they show is outdated, they only update...
  20. DutchRebel

    Make 120$ a day - Not another easy crapy method

    blackhat marketing 101. basic stuff every serious marketer should know and do on every website they own.. but i guess reminding people of the basics isn`t a bad thing... so i`ll say, good post.. and for any new people reading this, this is a skill every marketer should master and start...
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