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  1. FUmoney - DMCA Free Hosting - VPS - RDP - Dedicated Servers

    We would like a timeframe for when things will be fixed. I'd also like to add that as a customer your lack of communication during this has been horrible and cost me hundreds of dollars in lost revenue
  2. FUmoney

    The super immoral technique from hell to make a shit-ton of money promoting online casinos

    Which casino is giving you 300% revshare on initial deposit?
  3. FUmoney

    Youtube comment upvoting...

    There are no working panels for upvotes currently. Trust me, I have a spreadsheet of over 20 SMM panels that I have tested with this. You either give up or add new upvotes every day
  4. FUmoney

    Website Developer Getting Stiffed!

    Take the site down immediately, send them a notice saying your site has been taken down and will be live again once payment is complete. I'd also add an asshole tax since they decided not to pay the first time.
  5. FUmoney

    [Q] 100$ per day

    There is more than 1 way to skin this cat. Asking this is no different than asking "how do I become a millionaire". There is a million different answers and what worked for someone else may not work for you. Start trying different things and figure out what works best for you and your skill set...
  6. FUmoney

    Adsense traffic, really need

    running adwords to adsense is not going to be profitable.Focus on organic traffic from facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube etc. If you are getting your link banned it's because you are spamming and your quizzes are no good. I've never done quiz sites but I can imagine it all boils down to how...
  7. FUmoney


    I used to run campaigns on MGID several years ago and recently fired up a campaign but their traffic seems to be shit. I'm currently getting a 2% click through on my landing page. Mind you, this landing page is getting around 25% click through running on other platforms. Anyone else notice...
  8. FUmoney

    Where to get pictures for adult cpa? should work. You'll have to sort through the nudes but if you search something like "non nude" you should be able to find what you are looking for
  9. FUmoney


    Well, the biggest affiliate programs are for diet, skin, make money online, etc. So I would choose a niche and then start seeking out affiliate programs. Or instead of seeking out programs to leverage their affiliates, you could seek out the affiliates themselves. I still don't fully understand...
  10. FUmoney

    MyLead - new innovative affiliate network, join us and make big money!

    Let me know if you guys get some good diet offers with competitive payouts. Signed up with you but couldn't find any good offers for my traffic. Thanks
  11. FUmoney

    Detecting Malicious Script Stealing Commissions

    How did he find out the script was on his LP?
  12. FUmoney

    No sales for 2 weeks

    Hmmm without knowing your traffic source and all of the numbers it's pretty hard to say what's going on. If you want to pm me I can take a look at it
  13. FUmoney

    No sales for 2 weeks

    are you still getting the same traffic volume? Has it decreased? Offers can and will go cold on traffic sources after awhile. Switch up the offer, switch up the presell and get more traffic
  14. FUmoney

    Anyone tried meme's or funny pictures niche on Instagram?

    I wouldn't personally. When someone is looking looking at memes there is no underlying urge or desire to commit an action. You aren't solving a problem.
  15. FUmoney

    SMM - 6 chargebacks $1,280

    Pretty pathetic what some people will do with zero regard for others. As others have suggested, give them a call and explain that you are providing marketing services and you are being scammed after services have been delivered. If you have a TOS, now is the time to whip it out and show paypal...
  16. FUmoney

    Im tired...

    Take a couple of days off. Tell yourself I am not clicking a single facking button on my computer for 3 days. Then come back and find a solution to your problem, as in find another way to accept money. There are thousands of other smm sellers out there who have overcome this, why can't you...
  17. FUmoney

    What do you normally eat for breakfast?

    Coffee first thing in the AM Fast 5 days a week until lunch. The 2 days I do eat breakfast it's usually kodiak cakes (high protein pancakes) or scrambled eggs.
  18. FUmoney

    My one month journey on pornhub

    The answer to your question is no, now stop being ungrateful. Professional marketers are giving you marketing advice and you are taking it for granted. I don't see you out here helping anyone, are you?
  19. FUmoney

    Why do you want money?

    For me it all comes down to Freedom and Control. If I want to do something there isn't financial resistance. If I don't want to do something there isn't financial resistance. I don't want to live my life building someone else's dream and being under someone else's control, I want to be in...
  20. FUmoney

    My one month journey on pornhub

    following for research purposes
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