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  1. Vodaa Citaa

    Secret of Dark Web Real or Fake ???

    You mean sarcasm?
  2. Vodaa Citaa

    Safemoon. Any thought?

    Lmao ”safemoon will hit 1$, anything is possible in crypto”. yeah sure. this is a bull market dont forget, once the bear market comes youll be here saying my investment is now 1$
  3. Vodaa Citaa

    safemoon is the next bitcoin!

    CertiK audit doesn't mean it's safe lmao. They literally found 13 issues that safemoon devs have decided not to fix, 1 including a coin accumulation by the devs.
  4. Vodaa Citaa

    safemoon is the next bitcoin!

    Who said i was referring to you?
  5. Vodaa Citaa

    safemoon is the next bitcoin!

    Imagine comparing a deflationary shitcoin with dogecoin lmao
  6. Vodaa Citaa

    The life of an IT engineer. My experience.

    some people really cant take a joke anymore huh. we really have come a long way
  7. Vodaa Citaa

    SAFEMOON - Why and How you should buy and make a Killing (1000x ROI)!

    HAHAHAHAAHA, listing on binance! The safemoon community is the most brainwashed shit I've ever seen
  8. Vodaa Citaa


    Can you help me with 180 day paypal hold?
  9. Vodaa Citaa

    [Accfarm] High Quality Facebook PVA Accounts | Instagram PVA | Twitter Accs | Gmail Accs [BULK]

    Hello there I have 330 balance and I want to buy the verified 299 BM with unlimited spending and US IP facebook account prewarmed,please buy for me! Thanks! check pm
  10. Vodaa Citaa

    [] Facebook Cloud Accounts | All GEO's | From 149$+

    My account go logged out and i complained, now its saying its account recovery failed, I need this fixed ASAP! acc name us5964mutesound461 i will be opening a shitlist if this isn't fixed as I bought out the account
  11. Vodaa Citaa

    Dropshipping method simplified

    You know, there might be a reason they are on clearance
  12. Vodaa Citaa

    Wrong swift code added for payment

    As long as someone doesn't hold an account with those details, you should be fine it should bounce. But it will take some time for all of this to process
  13. Vodaa Citaa

    Is testing/running ads on FB in January bad idea?

    Whatever helps you sleep at night mate
  14. Vodaa Citaa

    We make $2k daily on eBay. What about u?

    discount please
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