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  1. Fussganger

    SEO/PBN Domains. Great Quality & Reputation. Huge Variety

    Can you pm me the list too.. interested in Gardening niche, but open for others too
  2. Fussganger

    Gartner Research: Organic search traffic will drop by 50% by 2028

    I don't think so. I'm not sure how they came up with that number, but here is my argument against it. That traffic that's going to drop is going to be for terms like 'how old is xyz' etc as they offer "objective" answers. Any term with a subject response will probably lose some, but not all...
  3. Fussganger

    ░▒▓ ▓▒░ [CHEAP-AF] ✅SEMRUSH Guru($7) ✅JASPER.AI($7) ✅SurferSEO Basic($7) ✅CANVAPRO($7) ✅Moz($7)

    The Clutch delivers in the Clutch!! I received a Semrush Guru Account and as advised, changed the password - meaning it's a private account, so no fear of other looking at my stuff. This is, in my opinion, by far the best service at BHW for this price. Since the account should be active for...
  4. Fussganger

    can I make money with an email list of 5-star hotel guests?

    I don't know about money, but you can definitely fast-track your way to Jail. Read up on GDRP Rules before you hit send.
  5. Fussganger

    Guest post on zero traffic website - Need Suggestions

    With those metrics and the price, it's not a real site, but just a link-selling platform. A straightforward sign of shady link building in Google's eyes has to be if your site is getting lots of "powerful" links from 0-traffic sites. Quality does not come cheap.
  6. Fussganger

    ░▒▓ ▓▒░ [CHEAP-AF] ✅SEMRUSH Guru($7) ✅JASPER.AI($7) ✅SurferSEO Basic($7) ✅CANVAPRO($7) ✅Moz($7)

    7Dollar.Shop SEMRUSH GURU Review Copy I missed the post count by a bit, but am an active member so will post an honest review.
  7. Fussganger

    [QUESTION] What is your process to building a READER persona? [For Blogging]

    I'll take a shot at it. Content marketing is solving problems by answering questions and recommending products when/if necessary. I always start by asking a few questions, e.g. - Who will buy this product - This allows you to set a tone for the article - What problem/s does the product...
  8. Fussganger

    English Content With .de Extension

    I can't say anything substantive on this subject as this site is a passion project as I'm somewhat of a subject matter expert. I've only done On-Page SEO and have written high-quality content without link-building. Over time, some articles started to reach page one and started getting traffic...
  9. Fussganger

    English Content With .de Extension

    Go to and search for something in English. There are bound to be .de websites there. I actually have a website with the .de extension with 100% English content and for some keywords, it easily outranks the .com. Of course the content is targeted at the German audience.
  10. Fussganger - Engaging Content by Native English Speakers | Unlimited Revisions | 100% Money-Back Guarantee | Quick Turnaround

    Honest Review: Disclaimer: I received a free review copy. Quality: I was very impressed with how the article started in an interesting manner and transitioned into the topic smoothly. This is exactly how I write and how I like my ordered content to be written. The w writer used the problem in...
  11. Fussganger

    You think you are too smart huh? Try to solve this :)

    Now that I re-read the question a bit more carefully, I see you have the right answer, but the wrong reason. The probability is just for the next step i.e. whether it's gold or silver so everything else gets omitted! Right? I did the calculation for the whole thing from the start.
  12. Fussganger

    You think you are too smart huh? Try to solve this :)

    I guess its: 16.6% (2/3)*(3/4)*(1/3)
  13. Fussganger

    Crimes involved with uploading course content to share with folks that didn't participate?

    Here are my 2 cents and NOT legal advice. First, they can't know for sure who leaked it unless your version had some particular file init that can be traced back to you. Without that, its just hearsay. Even if they can track you, if you don't live in the same country, having any sort of law...
  14. Fussganger

    [ Free Review Copies ]1$ Articles

    Interested if still available!
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