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  1. TooCorny

    HELP: VC, ATC and IC not showing up in Ads Manager, while conversions are displaying.

    I have my pixel and CAPI installed on woocommerce through pixelyoursite and events are firing properly and displaying inside the Events Manager. But when I go to my campaign in ads manager no Add to carts, Initiate checkouts or view contents are displaying while conversions and showing up...
  2. TooCorny

    [JV] your stripe + my sales

    DM me, I have 2 stripe accounts with good transaction history
  3. TooCorny

    [Journey] My adventure with a Travel Blog

    Impresive growth man! Keep it up you are killing it
  4. TooCorny

    ✅ Mother/Slave Instagram Growth Service ✅ Gain Real & Targeted Followers ✅ Custom Packages Based On Your Needs

    OMG!!!! This services has brought such good memories to mind. Congrats on managing to make it work, I remember it once got to a point where it was impossible to mantain so many accounts. Will surely count with you for future projects
  5. TooCorny

    AI generated junk is flooding Etsy and other places

    The worst part about it is when they add numbers to their title / thumbnal Like "Make 5000$ per day with Chat GPT and Midjourney" And then they procceed to talk shit for 10 minutes saying the same thing you've seen a million times and without showing they 5000$ a day revenue which was...
  6. TooCorny

    Road To Niche Empire - Project Mentolinho

    Nice progress man!
  7. TooCorny

    My journey to 10k a month, risking everything with a dying business model…

    Loving this journey thread so far You look like a really talented individual I am in the same journey as you. If you ever want to exchange ideas or anything, you can DM me! Good luck
  8. TooCorny

    [Journey] Breaking the Code of Semantic SEO: Crafting a Blueprint for Topical Authority

    Following, keep us updated I was considering buying the course last week, So far is it worth the money? I have followed Koray for a long time, he's an absolute beast
  9. TooCorny

    [Journey] Build a profitable e-commerce brand in 120 days

    Quick question man! What is your budget for this project?
  10. TooCorny


    Good luck on your journey man
  11. TooCorny

    The perfect ROBOTS.TXT according to my hosting company - Share your thoughts?

    I believe it does not make a difference, I am not the most technical guy though so maybe someone can throw some light on this matter
  12. TooCorny

    The perfect ROBOTS.TXT according to my hosting company - Share your thoughts?

    This is for example for the post sitemap Page sitemap and general sitemap
  13. TooCorny

    [case study] - is it possible to rank with only content (no backlinks)

    This video interview from Matt Diggity is really itneresting. They really go in depth about topical relevancy and how the guy ranked a site quite fast without backlinks, technical seo or any web optimization, he didnt even have a header
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