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  1. arc323

    ✅ Reinstated Facebook Profiles, Business Managers and Pages For Sale ✅ Price Starts from $9 ✅ 24/7 Support ✅

    Placed the following order with this vendor: 1x Reinstated 2 lines Facebook profiles 1x Limit $250 BM 5 1x Old pages 1x Reinstated page Will provide review after I receive the order and begin using the items.
  2. arc323

    [Journey] Creating Flask + React conversion tracker

    Are you trying to just build a reporting platform? Because it sounds like you're pulling data directly from ad networks, which is fine, but the best trackers are working independently of ad networks. For example, we use Redtrack (enterprise level plan) and Redtrack is our source of truth for...
  3. arc323

    Looking for a tool like Scrapebox

    I recently purchased RTILA but it's not a super hardcore scraper. More of a RPA tool that can be used for scraping. I would think with your experience you may do well with Octoparse or even a scraper offering from Soax or Oxylabs. - Any scraper would work for you. Web Harvey is another that...
  4. arc323

    [WTH] Facebook Ads Media Buyer

    This position is filled. No need to reply unless you are based in the following geos: NA, EU, ZA, Malaysia, Singapore, or South America. We are not hiring this position from any Asian countries except the ones listed.
  5. arc323

    Old Google Ads and Facebook BM accounts Store with history and ad spend

    I need 2x FB profile, BM, and ad account. USA only. verifiable spending history if possible. Need these accts to be bound to USA IP. Transfer via Multilogin. Please DM pricing and transfer details. Thank you.
  6. arc323

    Best CPA Network in 2023 ?

    My favs: GiddyUp, DFO/Vervedirect, and Squaredance. We made some cash with Maxbounty running some of their timeshare exit offers too. Maxbounty is decent, but you need to make sure you are crystal on the event that triggers the conversion. Might say, "offer converts on valid lead" but you just...
  7. arc323

    Where to find free HQ cpa templates generator?

    You can build this in about 10 mins. Just hit up Fiverr or Upwork and tell them to duplicate this template. The back end might be an issue, depending on how technical you are and where the lead needs to go.
  8. arc323

    [SCAM] - National Debt Relief Affiliate Program - $25K Owed

    Bro.. wtf. Low quality?? Is that a stipulation in the offer that the leads need to have a certain credit score or the leads cannot have filled out a loan applicaiton in the past 30 days? If those are the terms and they were told to you up front, then that's on you. Buuut.. if all of a sudden...
  9. arc323

    Google Ads / Tracking / ClickBank / Max-Bounty

    Im gonna reply because I went through a similar with redtrack. I trialed Anytrack too but went with Redtrack because it has more features. Anyway... You need MaxBounty (MB) to send your conversions back to your tracker. To do this, you need the click id generated by your tracker to be sent to...
  10. arc323

    Multi accounts & Digital Footprint

    Multilogin, Incogniton, Kameleo, are the 3 best anti-detect browsers IMO. Incogniton has a free tier and works good. I'm considering switching to them from MLA, but haven't yet. Residential proxies + anti-detect browser is all you need in order to make this work. VPN is absolutely NOT gonna...
  11. arc323

    I finally found out the solution for the suspension " We've detected suspicious payments in your account "

    They don't mind virtual cards in my experience. We use Privacy,com and Paywithextend. Privacy,com gives you crappy BINS unless you message support and request good BINS. Paywithextend is tied to our Amex Business Platinum and issues BINS that match the status of the card. Never had issues with...
  12. arc323

    Cops behind my building

    Probably taking a break. Not sure if you're in the US or not but we get cops that do that in our neighborhood. My house is in a subdivision and we get cops that park down the street and even once in front of my house. They just sit out there and eat lunch or play on their phones. It creeps me...
  13. arc323

    Syndication Tools? Auto-Generating Content / Auto-Posting Content?

    If you mean just scrape and spin/rewrite content, SEO Content Machine (SCM) is beast for this. It can post directly to Wordpress and has an API. If you want to gather trending content, maybe use an RSS to Wordpress plugin? Otherwise... 1. Make a custom scraper or use SEO Content Machine to...
  14. arc323

    Submit Escort Ads in Classified sites

    There are better alternatives than XRumer. Depends on the sites you are trying to post to. If I was gonna do this I would look at the following tools: 1. Browser Automation Studio 2. Zennoposter 3. uBot Studio (maybe) 4. Custom bot - Plenty of bot builders around here who can do this for you...
  15. arc323

    ✅ Copy a one porduct dropshipping store

    Copy the layout. Source your own images. Write your own text using the other for inspiration. We do dropship ecom and have filed DMCA from dropshippers stealing our original images and content. If it's a manufacturer photo then you can use it. If someone ordered the product and had a...
  16. arc323

    Facebooks Business account spend limit

    1. Make an ABO campaign. Set the budget to 2500 per day. It should tell you right below the budget area what the spending limit it. 2. 1-2 weeks depending on different factors. Don't let the card decline. Make a few campaigns that slightly exceed the spending limit. - Worst case, just message...
  17. arc323


    Order was completed. I had to provide the review text which could get a little time consuming if doing hundreds of reviews. Overall the quality is good and the reviews are sticking. I will be using this vendor for reviews going forward as long as they continue to stick. Thanks!
  18. arc323

    What VCC's will always pass an AVS check?

    Email Privacy,com and ask them to activate non-prepaid feature. Tell them you use the cards for paid social and they should do it. They did it for me at least. Otherwise, paywithextend(dot)com has very good BINs. They only work with a few cards and banks though, Amex Business being one of them.
  19. arc323

    Website Scraping Tool to Extract Data

    Browser Automation Studio SimpleScraper Scrapebox A million other tools. SimpleScraper is really simple. If the URL contains your query, you can build a list of URLs and then send your scraping tool out to query the urls. Otherwise Browser Automation Studio works like a macro.
  20. arc323


    Order placed. Transaction ID: 41A38333FU494331H Will review upon completion.
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