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  1. head2head

    My Journey to 1 mil $ in Crypto - Personal Blog

    may i ask, where will you promote your post ? you have your own tele group ?
  2. head2head

    (Discussion) Best time to post on BHW

    since this was a forum, i don't think there is a golden posting time.
  3. head2head

    Are you lucky or unlucky?

    good read actually. sometimes feeling lucky is not about having a win, it is more to having content with ourself
  4. head2head

    How many website SEO can one guy handle comfortably ?

    my company that i worked for, only limiting 3 account per person.
  5. head2head

    AMA about PBNs (setup, footprints, things to avoid, et al.)

    nice reads from the first page of this thread. i have a question, so i want to build my own PBN, i learnt that good domain comes from auction with the detailed specs. but, how many domain is needed for kickstarting this whole PBN ? i mean, for a small scale PBN that works. thanks.
  6. head2head

    E-commerce/web development agency

    i used to develop my own agency before it got merged with my partners. my advice is, try to approach peoples on linkedin, HR people, procurement people, talent acquisition people. even tho they don't need your service, they tends to forward your coldcall (,etc) to the people in charge.
  7. head2head

    [JOURNEY] Road to 1K $ a month with GOOGLE PLAY SPAM

    ok, thank you brother for your insight. i'll try creating a google account with different country now
  8. head2head

    [JOURNEY] Road to 1K $ a month with GOOGLE PLAY SPAM

    hmmm.. you creating a USA account or another country ?
  9. head2head

    [JOURNEY] Road to 1K $ a month with GOOGLE PLAY SPAM

    photo of ID card, and selfie holding the ID card, which i don't have since it is the burnout account.
  10. head2head

    [JOURNEY] Road to 1K $ a month with GOOGLE PLAY SPAM

    brother, so im trying to create a new developer account, but there is verification things after putting the CC details. do you get that too ? and is it can be bypassed ?
  11. head2head

    Changing currency aftet buying account? Facebook ads question.

    making a new account and 48hrs wait before linking a payment method for ads ? you sure ? i can assure you, fb will instant lock your account as soon as you attach cc/pp
  12. head2head

    Journey to conquer Indonesia e-commerce market and Beyond

    anyways, input for OP. try to use instagram ads, remember instagram. don't waste your money on facebook. believe i've used to work with facebook ads, but now if your commodity is fashion goods, it won't work well on facebook ads. assess your market with 50k IDR per day for couple days, send it...
  13. head2head

    Journey to conquer Indonesia e-commerce market and Beyond

    i am indonesian as well and my market is indonesian. yea, importing from overseas, especially USA is quite time consuming. the custom seems to have different treat with package from USA. note : the bag i used to import is from USA, it's called timbuk2, and we talking about importing the...
  14. head2head

    Journey to conquer Indonesia e-commerce market and Beyond

    you have no idea.. i used to sell this imported bag that priced at $230 each and surprisingly i got 8 sales, they even ask for a pre-ordering the bag. got discontinued at that time because the custom issues taking so much time and i need to focus on my real job.
  15. head2head

    I need real methods to make money starting with $20 daily.

    duh.. every method is money making method if you willing to try burn baby burn
  16. head2head

    how careful should i be when use the fake fb accounts emulate the normal account?

    ahh so, fb tracking user's behavior now ?
  17. head2head

    add a virtual Visa card into account Facebook ads

    btw, why would trick facebook ads ? is using vcc prohibited by facebook ?
  18. head2head

    Best Tools For full FB Marketing ?

    im using adsespresso and FB lead chef.. complete package for me :)
  19. head2head

    Clickbank + FB POST ADVERTISE? Does Facebook even allow Clickbank products?

    So, how's the OP doin with that idea ? And i tried making boost post ads with my CB links on it. Been 2 days and so far got 3 sales.. Will posting more if it is profitable
  20. head2head

    Anyone interested in taking a crack at the asia gambling market?

    interesting project.. where in Asia is you stayed ? PM me the details
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