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  1. KinikuMan

    Facebook hates post with promotion link, doesn't it?

    Hello guys! I have some pages which have decent of followers. Almost of my normal posts get a lot of engagements (hundreds to thousands). But sometimes I insert a link to a post to monetize my page (rarely), even the image I used in post is same with others nomal post but the engagement is...
  2. KinikuMan

    Which link shortener is good for Facebook?

    I cannot do it. I'm just looking for a free way right now.
  3. KinikuMan

    Which link shortener is good for Facebook?

    But I still see someone using bitly. I don't spam. Just posting around
  4. KinikuMan

    Which link shortener is good for Facebook?

    Hello! I'm trying to promote Udemy course affiliate via my Facebook page's post. The affiliate link is long so I want to shorten it and cloak it. Then how do I do that effectively? Thank you
  5. KinikuMan

    Got 300K followers on FB. Need tips on picking the right affiliate offer to promote!

    What is your niche? Weightloss? Have you tried print on demand?
  6. KinikuMan


    Added you on Skype. Please check
  7. KinikuMan

    [HQ] Instagram accounts with followers [HQ]

    Do you have account for dog niche?
  8. KinikuMan

    ▂▃▄▆ ⏩ ⏩ 0.2 USD per Post ❇️ ❇️ | ❇️ ❇️ GPT-3 AI Blogging Site Build Service ⏪ ⏪ ▆▄▃▂

    Do you provide the site with a few hundreds of articles or the minimum amount of article is 1000? Can I provide the list of topics/keywords theb you write about them?
  9. KinikuMan

    ✅ 1000+ Bulk Articles Generation ➡️ Scheduled AutoPosting ❤️ AI Images

    I wonder of articles quality. And does this automatically grab images and insert to post?
  10. KinikuMan

    Start making money with your very own People Also Ask (PAA) Autoblog Site - Only $0.0025/Post - Starting at $50/10k posts - Comment for ...

    Interested. Please send me sample for english, spanish and Vietnamese language (if available). Thanks
  11. KinikuMan

    [METHOD] Little Passive Income

    I have got profit from Redbubble before. But the problem is Redbubble bans account real quick without noticing the reason. And it is nearly impossible to make another account. Btw if you can survive, Redbubble is really a gold mine due to its traffic
  12. KinikuMan

    How to Make Money on Reddit in 2023 - A Beginner Friendly Guide

    Hello! Is this method ia different from the Reddit Mastery? I bought Reddit Matery from OP before so am I qualified for any update? Thank you
  13. KinikuMan

    ▶️Indexing Expert is What the SEO World Has Been Waiting For◀️ Possibly Best Indexing Service on BHW at $0.08/Link ✅[Free Trial Inside]

    Hello! I deposited money yesterday via Paypal but my balance is not updated so that I can't submit new links. Can you please help me to check? Thank you
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