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    Link Pyramid 3.0 with HQ PBN 3 Tiers, 19 Platforms, 9123+ Backlinks from $5

    Ordered 2 video packages, Paypal ID: 260D
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    Who's your favorite video game character?

    Man, seen some old friends listed and I'm sure I'll see more in this thread. I'll have to so sorta obscure. Setzer from FF6 Lloyd from Legend of Dragoon Tir from Suikoden and my favorite... ID from Xenogears.
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    NapsteR's 7+Years Authority Sites - Over 600 Sold

    Ordered an Alpha, last digits of transaction are 8831E. Looking forward to seeing what this thing looks like!
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    Bought 6300 shares of VRNG ... anybody making a similar move?

    I don't think so. She's bouncing all over the place today so you may be able to snipe a decent market order. Just don't buy more than you can afford to lose.
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    Bought 6300 shares of VRNG ... anybody making a similar move?

    Don't overlook the power of Options here. I got in a few months ago with the 2.50 November calls. You can control a LOT more shares for a bit less of a Delta. And to echo the advise above, definitely sell off enough stock at a profit to cover your initial investment: makes it a lot easier on...
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    Improve your SEO for Free.

    What major difference have you noticed since the upgrade? I was thinking of doing it myself. Also looks like they've put a beta spinner software there via linkcollider[dot]com/wordswapper.php . Not sure how good it is, but could be useful for those of us who haven't dropped cash on the whole...
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    Please help me find Mac programs

    IMO the best way to do it is to get a copy of VMWare Fusion and install a guest OS for Windows in there. It's just better for so many reasons. Plus depending on the software, you MAY be able to take snapshots and revert to them to get 'unlimited' free trials.
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    Getting on Page 1 of Google in 1 month

    Congrats! I'm jealous! Hopefully your product can be split out to different keywords or, with minor modifications can be spun to a whole new audience! How many did you create/drip over the course of those 30 days? How did you find your BL's and create them? Just manual submission with a...
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    Getting on Page 1 of Google in 4 days

    Subbed. Especially interested to see how this works after the algo change.
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    [Get] 6,910 WORKING Bookmark Sites: My gift to BHW

    There's a definite interest from me! Thanks for the share!
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    [Method] Free Backlinks for noobs

    Can vouch for GSA for low to low-medium keywords. I ran it for a few days via the trial and imported a fair amount of lists I found here. Sent 'em over to linklicious for the standard 40/day drip. A month later I'm rank 5 for the primary key word. Definitely going to buy once my first check...
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    Finding Backlinks Yourself - Manually

    I've been playing around with Link Collider a little bit and stumbled across their "Drop My Link" page. Its pretty basic, but you can select your desired type of sites to search and then see the fancy search engine magic used to get you decent lists of sites. Then you can tweak them to your...
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    [GET] MicroSite Profits Webinar w/Guide -- Noob Friendly (HOT!!!)

    Nice, its a pretty good ground-floor explanation. Good share. The link building portion is a bit oversimplified, but good in theory. Now if only we could get copies of their 'modules' somewhere...
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    [GIVEAWAY] Low Competition, High US Search and High CPC Keywords for MNS

    I'm interested. Is there something related to politics? Home crafts or alternative energy? If not I don't really care...I can write just fine about things I don't care about. Thanks for this! You rock!
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    {{FREE}} High PR Web 2.0 Properties - Quality Backlinks - FOR EVERYONE

    I'm definitely interested if this service is still available.
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    [Guide] Make Money with Pinterest. Noob Friendly and ready for twists.

    So what, just putting some affiliate links on there and letting 'er rip? Maybe bee4biz?
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    [Guide] Make Money with Pinterest. Noob Friendly and ready for twists.

    Yeah, been thinking about how to Monetize this method. Adsense CL's CJ Amazon Affiliate Combination of all the above? What am I missing here?
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    [GET] Micro Niche Keywords With Exact Match Domain Available

    I'd love to give that thing a once over, requesting list please!
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    "How I made $90 in 3 days from Torrents" -CONTINUED & UPDATED THREAD (Any questions? ASK!)

    I don't think anyone's gonna download/click on a 'leaked' vid or anything like that. I'm gonna try combining this with legitimate payloads, old PS1 RPGs, SNES emulators, PC games and the like. We'll see.
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