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  1. steveJD

    Need Hong Kong sim cards

    Good morning, afternoon or evening. PM if you would you able to provide ready to go with no min validity sim cards for Hong Kong or Singapore. Ongoing requirements so could be a monthly gig. Thanks
  2. steveJD

    Need Asian Nightlife Links

    Good morning, afternoon or evening. PM if you have any sites that cater to the Asian region for nightlife, paying good $$ for sites with good traffic. Currently interesting in hong kong, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. Thanks
  3. steveJD

    [GIVEAWAY] 1000 White Label Tumblr Accounts

    I am guessing the 4 slots have already gone but if not then would appreciate some accounts. :)
  4. steveJD

    Has anyone tried Ultimate Demon yet?

    Yeah this is the main thing that will put me off buying is the additional fee's! I do like Edwin products and I like lifetime license style of purchase so it's a shame they seem to be going this way! For some reason I cannot visit the website to get more details, is it down for anyone else?
  5. steveJD

    UltimateDemon - anyone tried it?

    See these other threads!
  6. steveJD

    Has anyone tried Ultimate Demon yet?

    Agreed, very solid products! This could be an interesting addition!
  7. steveJD

    Theplace invite?

    invite would be appreciated
  8. steveJD

    How do you deal with failure?

    Keep your head up, most entrepreneurs fail many times before success. Learn from the failures and keep working harder!
  9. steveJD

    Favorite scrapebox add ons?

    I find myself using the dup remover add on fairly frequently for managing text files. merge, remove dups and split files. very useful!
  10. steveJD

    CAPTCHA SNIPER Your Auto Captcha Solving Software!

    I purchased the software a few days ago and started testing yesterday. Only problem with running it was that I needed to switch off the IIS service which was simple enough. This looks to be an essential piece of software for anyone running auto submission software, as others have said will make...
  11. steveJD

    How do you keep track of checks/payments ?

    There are 3 software on the market that i know about stats remote, nifty stats and stats junky. I heave heard stats junky is not well supported but would be interested in opinions of the best of the 3?
  12. steveJD

    Laptop or Desktop?

    I can see the benifit of a desktop if you primarily work from home, personally i like to be mobile and work/travel so its always a laptop for me!
  13. steveJD

    Incansoft have release a ForumBot

    Yeah i go this email too but my trust level with Icansoft is very low regarding keeping the bots in working order. Rssbot has been the exception to this rule, even at such a low price I would say save your cash for a well supported and fully automated tool.
  14. steveJD

    what is the best rss aggregators submission tool ?

    Yeah Rss Submit is pretty decent and submits to about 120, there was a version in the download section but its been removed!
  15. steveJD

    Best Social bookmarking software ?

    Another vote for bookmarking demon you can sign up as clickbank affiliate for a discount!
  16. steveJD

    [NEWS] Google Page Rank Update

    not much change in the domains that I have checked!
  17. steveJD

    backlinks getting deleted

    If you are using automated tools and creating on mass then besides using private proxy's and alternating your email, username etc every couple of hundred there is little you can do as some mods are quick to delete profiles if you are not making contribution to the forum. Build a bigger list and...
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