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    Smoke Accessories Dropshipper

    yeah im interested also
  2. J

    Pipe / Bong wholesle/ dropshipping hookup

    Hey everybody this is pertty important. I need access to a god darn quality bong / pipe retail center. I would be greatly in debt to you.
  3. J

    Replica Watches

    I just want one for my own personal use.. if anyone could list me a good supplier or if an established member could hook me up i'd be very happy.. thanks!
  4. J

    college textbook warez sites??

    I was just searching the web and couldn't really find one geared directly towards college textbooks. It would be really awesome if anyone could point me in the right direction on this 1. College textbooks are fk'en expensive.:cow_yello
  5. J

    Best Cheap Shared hosting providers

    List anyone that has given you reliable service for under 3 $'s/mo. I'm looking to get some more C-class ip's to build a network and any good hosts would be appreciated.. Thanks!:cow_yello
  6. J

    Come And Get It! Google To Sell 10 Million Shares!

    bing + yahoo merger has google shaken in its boots
  7. J

    Bookmark Wiz coupon code?

    well im probably not going to pay 80 for it.. it doesn't seem worth it to me. Is he planning on doing a promotion like that again?
  8. J

    Bookmark Wiz coupon code?

    The coupon christmas expired has a new one came out yet??
  9. J

    What is making these 1000's of minisites!!?

    An example of one such website Is it a custom script or can I comercially find a program avaiable like this one? I've searched the forums but the best I have found is that one Silo program... but i read poor reviews and it was roughly 2-3 years old. Any help...
  10. J

    2 Questions on mass autoblogs~

    I was wondering a couple of things about autoblogs if I were to do some really large mass installs. First - IS there any autoblog program out there which is similar to WP-Robot only it allows you to upload the keywords quickly and remotely to your blog? For ex a main admin panel I can log into...
  11. J

    [WTB] - a Link Farm Evolution blast

    Are you looking for some blog post spam? My blog farm has over 2,500 working blogs so I might be able to help you out. Shoot me a pm with what you need
  12. J

    Aritcle Submitter To Top 20 Aritcle Sites??

    Does anyone have one of these thats not on the DNS?? Or could someone provide the names of some good ones that cover the top directories like buzzle, ezine etc.
  13. J

    Best Free/Cheap Alternative TO Xrumer??

    What size is the file? It's hard to judge if it's a good dl without that knowledge so im j/w
  14. J

    Best Free/Cheap Alternative TO Xrumer??

    if anyone could nudge me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!
  15. J

    Best Free/Cheap Alternative TO Xrumer??

    I said alternative as in something that can work similar to xrumer. When i mentioned 50$'s I was talking about the comment spammer thats on the boards IK that xrumer is 500 $'s, and if I could afford it I know it would be worth every penny.
  16. J

    Best Free/Cheap Alternative TO Xrumer??

    I know there is a comment spammer on the boards for 50 bucks but I can't really afford that right now. What is the best alternative to xrumer that is free ps I already have prstorm+LFE, I'm looking for something to supplement these two which can produce a countable, and reliable number of links...
  17. J

    Is this domain name valuble

    I regg'ed it a week or so ago so no worries
  18. J

    Footprints for PRstorm Anyone?
  19. J

    Is this domain name valuble

    Names ~ It seems like a pretty brandable domain name, and if you know anything about the payday loan niche it is nearly impossible to get a nice looking domain name. So do you think this domain could net me any cash on sedo or something like that? I was going to use it for a...
  20. J

    $10 For The Person Who Posts The Best Joke.

    womens rights
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