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  1. gahoachma

    [GET] Giving away my method for obtaining +K's on Klout

    I'd like to take a look thanks :)
  2. gahoachma

    any1 reccomend a good free poll site?

    Haven't really found any good free sites for polls. Thought I might post some polls to my twitter follows. Increase the interactivity abit. maybe get some RTs too :cool:
  3. gahoachma

    Penis Enlargement method that works?

    Oh yah.. get rid of your public hair. It will make your dick look bigger to you and any female or whomever that sees it. No worries about contracting crabs either lol. ++
  4. gahoachma

    Penis Enlargement method that works?

    This is funny but like many people here said if a girl maybe complains about your size dump her like a load in your condom. But anyways I've heard that if you're circumcised you can increase the size of your boner abit via foreskin restoration. And if you have a really small penis I dunno, I've...
  5. gahoachma

    img src= do I need to include it?

    So when I create goto create a creative link I get something such as the following: I just want to link my keyword to the link tho. So all I really need is Will I still get credit for the click/sale? Not including the: crap?
  6. gahoachma

    viewet. launched! Free & fast YouTube views (Doesn't freeze) Made by YouToob creator

    Working fine for me. Looks promising.
  7. gahoachma

    Rebecca Black Friday spoof.

    Pretty funny one. :cool:
  8. gahoachma

    Profile backlinks - Best tool available

    Your internet is super slow then.. I can get 1000 in a day no problem. *While* using my computer for other things.
  9. gahoachma

    Invite to fan page by e-mail - now it's possible!

    well it just let me import and send slightly over 7,000 emails. assuming facebook actually sends the invites now... I hope they do lol. :D
  10. gahoachma

    Xrumer SEO Services - As cheap as it gets

    paid for 1,000 just got 1189. so cool. :D
  11. gahoachma

    any ideas for this technique to get facebook fans?

    Any ideas to improve this? It worked well for a couple days. Went from 60 to 160 fans in 24hrs. Now its just a couple extra fans per day. :eek: Not going to explain it, you can see for yourself:
  12. gahoachma

    Give me tips on getting "slutty" girls to make fansigns for my site.

    gah. theres already hawt girls doing that on fiverr.. And paying someone isn't very blackhat anyways.. Well it is/can be. But thats besides the point lol.
  13. gahoachma

    Give me tips on getting "slutty" girls to make fansigns for my site.

    Prolly not worth much for seo. Thought I'd throw it out there tho. :)
  14. gahoachma

    BlogPress SEO Plugin: reported to google

    that guy sounds like a real douche bag.
  15. gahoachma

    Need advice for templates/plugins for movie review blog (wordpress)

    I ended up going with the theme here: Seems pretty nice, just need to change the background and throw up a logo. Automatically creates menus when you create catagories which is pretty nice. & it was only 20 bucks. :) So thanks for the advice everyone!
  16. gahoachma

    Which autoblog software is the best?

    I'll 2nd or 3rd wp-robot. But more important than that is SECURITY. You don't want to check out 1 of your auto blogs a week or month later and find out its full of malware redirects. Obviously you're not making auto blogs to make money for the Russian mob.. Well unless you're in the Russian...
  17. gahoachma

    Need advice for templates/plugins for movie review blog (wordpress)

    Thanks for the replies. Both of those themes look pretty good. Though one is certainly alot more expensive that the other. I was wondering if any one here has any experience with PlatformPro from ? It looks pretty nice though its rather pricey. Any other ideas for...
  18. gahoachma

    Need advice for templates/plugins for movie review blog (wordpress)

    I've been looking around, but I'd love some recommendations from some of my fellow members here at BHW. I'm looking for free/premium wordpress themes and plugins.
  19. gahoachma invites
  20. gahoachma

    wp 3.0.1 MS infected with malware.

    Well I have new information. I haven't done much yet, worked all day now I'm slightly buzzed. anyways.. My other site hosted by mediatemple was showing up as an attack page. Now it isn't. As well for a moment the site I posted about wasn't showing as an attack page. Now it is again. google...
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