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    Advice needed on services on BHW

    I think you must stick to white hat, It is like someone a non-smoker wants to smoke for once to try to make it a bad habit later. Think twice before going for black hat.
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    Title Issue - What Do You Think...

    Google is indexing very few relevant letters of title now as I read in another thread in this forum. But generally when we update a title it may take Google 7 to 15 days to index and reflect it if it is a PR0 or PR1 site.
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    Latest Social Bookmarking Websites

    I am looking for latest social bookmarking websites, where can I find the best updated list.
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    Two questions regarding an E-commerce

    1. Having different domains might be a good idea as it will help you in SEO. 2. Hosting with unlimited domains is economical and better I think as it comes with unlimited bandwidth too.
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    Free backlinks

    Is there any site / source to find .edu and .gov backlinks?
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    How to avoid duplicate content?

    Write unique content for each copy of website otherwise the content is still duplicate even if you change meta.
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    Have a few good articles, what are the best ways to use them?

    When you have already posted them on your blog and ezine, then they aren't unique anymore. You may post to few more sites if required.
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    Is this a Google penalty?

    It looks like Google penalty for some bad / excess links or some problem with your site, may be broken links in your site.
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    Alexa Rank - How much does it really matter?

    I think ALexa rank matters to decide the rankings on Google. More the number of visitors to a page it has more authority.
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    When does a site produces link juice

    Add new posts on the website, if possible make a blog. When you add new posts point the links of that to home page that is where you will get the link juice from.
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    keyword research

    Even if we insert keywords we can make the content awesome, so it is necessary.
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    black hat seo vs white hat seo

    Black hat SEO - unethical link building, too many links too soon with spam like methods. Content duplicacy. White hat SEO - ethical link building. It is done using unique content.
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    Looking for Mobile Traffic from India

    genetwist, please be more clear, what services you offer and what kind of traffic you are looking at.
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    Best site for bulk domain registration?

    I think is good one.
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    How to get more members?

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    simple indexing question

    I think you can post it to a high PR social bookmarking site and it will be indexed by G.
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    Numbers of backlinks to build and time

    Build back links slowly. Too many too soon is bad. Build few links every week, lets say 10 or 20 I index the backlinks, never tried ping.
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    How to get more members?

    To bring more members try using forum postings of your niche.
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    Question About Buying Views To A Site

    How do you want a bunch of viewers? I mean through what system?
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    Need a writer for a few articles. (future use also!)

    I am a writer with 5 years of experience in SEO based writing. Please let me know your requirements. Sending PM too.
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