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    Will This Domain Name HURT or HELP?

    Niki Thanks for the ideas. The keyword I am targeting doesn't have any authority sites on page one of google. If you take the competition of a word out of the mix how would my original question be answered? In other words if I were picking a domain which title would have the most value to...
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    Will This Domain Name HURT or HELP?

    There is a popular niche that I am wanting to set up a site in. There is decent competition but I believe there is still room to compete. My question is on Domain Name Selection. Lets say the market was "Weight Loss" and the niche was "Weight Loss Plan". The domain (WeightLossPlan) .com is...
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    Letterheads for business

    You will need to open your business prior to setting up an account for it. The bank will require proof of business before they allow you to open an account.
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    Tax Season!

    As far as what you can deduct it can be any and all expenses that are ordinary and necessary. That can be as simple as a pen, a computer, a product or servise you bought here to help you do a better job. You can have a medical reimbursement program, a tuitition reimbursement program, auto...
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    Questiona 'bout Forex Trading?

    As for the internet bill, if you are using it in your home you may have a problem proving that you use it for business only. If its in an office then you will have no problem.
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    Nothing working for you? Try this. Its easy

    Sometimes when selling on craigslist your competition is flagging you. Depends on the city and the item being sold.
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    Twitter Followers - Lowest Price on BHW - Country Targeted - Followers Upto 1 million

    I ordered a package a few days ago asking for the followers to be dripped onto the account and the job is complete. BUT not only did he do just as I asked the op added thousands more followers than I paid for. Thanks for the GREAT Job!!! I will use your service again.
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    Website before providing SEO services

    You need a site to compete in the SEO industry. When I look for services I always look for the site and the PR rank.
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    how would you make money from an escort site?

    One other option is to build up the site to the first page and rent it to an escort service. They pay a monthly fee, you manage it and once they stop paying you tell them you are taking it to their competition and they will rank #1.
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    Make an additional 10k - 40k per year TAX FREE!!!

    I was just talking to a client about this method and he had a great question that I thought I would share with you. What if he doenst make enough in his business this year to take full advantage of the deduction. If you have a "C" corporation and you can carry the deductoin over until you do...
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    [TUTORIAL] Creating A Successful Business (Best Chances Of Success)

    Ok it's that time of the year again. The time of the year where many people set out to put resolution in place for the upcoming year. Some of the top resolutions are: Lose Weight Spend more time with the family Quit smoking Enjoy life more Get out of debt Make more money Get organized...
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    Which doamian is better for SEO?

    For myself I only go for .coms, I dont ust the .net/.info. I always try to get a keyword in my domain, although it is not guarantee to success it is helpful for search engines.
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    MASSIVE list of 600+ Guest Posts Where you can syndicate your content around the web

    This will save someone hours of research. Thanks for the share
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    Building a Business or Running a Method?

    I think on the journey most people start off with what you called "Running a method" because they arent aware of any other way to do it. This method is usually quicker than building a successful business. Once a few marketing techniques they are working on wear out then they might focus omre on...
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    [GET] SEOMoz 3 Month Trial

    Thanks for the share. I signed up for it with the hopes of accessing some of their videos for download. FYI I am not able to DL the vids. Still worth the access for 3 months.
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    Yet another noob seeking guidance

    Try searching around here a bit. Look thru the forum and find an area that interest you. Dont look for what someone else tells you makes the most money. If I said I have a job for you thap pays 100k a year would you be interested? The answer is probablly, well what if I then told you It required...
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    I am $5 How can I make it?

    Do some work local is the only way. Knock on some doors, sweep the street. clean a garden, wash windows. There is always a way
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    domain extensions question

    I only buy the .com for all of my sites. I have bought multiple for the domain .com, net, org, etc to prevent others from getting them. Then I would redirect those to my . com site
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    Sabotaged by competition, please help!

    My first reaction would be to get even. I would send my cousin Tony to talk to him :) BUT... Then I would realize that I need to spend some time improving my site and getting my rep back. An when that is all said and done, then I'd call Tony to make sure it didnt happen again :drinking2
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