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    Need SeNuke x advice!

    I plan on purchasing SeNuke X next week, and want to make sure I get the most out of it in the two week trial. I currently have 8 micro niche sites, without really any backlinks to speak of. Last week i purchased scrapebox, and am currently trying to assemble an AA list. I have 2 other micro...
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    Could you PM me you're rate for a VPS that could run multiple scrapebox instances, as well as a senuke x instance?
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    Blast site with SB

    You will be fine, as long as you don't ping the links. let the big G find 'em naturally
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    Massive Direct Scrapebox Blast on Brand New Website

    Sorry if this has already been covered in this thread, but how do you go about creating your comments file? Do you do generic comments, or spun comments related to your niche? Could you explain your process and thinking on this topic?
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    Monetize new blog 20k uniques in 24hours

    Should be fine.
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    Monetize new blog 20k uniques in 24hours

    You might try either ctrtheme or heatmaptheme, and change your ad placement. Also, consider adsense. That way you get paid on the clicks, and don't need to close on a sale.
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    Consistantly ranking better in google CA, thoughts?

    Nope, in each case it's a generic keyphrase, non geo-targeted. The competition (broad match) ranges between 450k and 3.5 million, and is identical in both CA and COM
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    Consistantly ranking better in google CA, thoughts?

    All sites have 3-10x 400 word articles onsite (wordpress) site 1: #2-5 in google CA #5-6 in google COM site 2: #3 in CA vs #6 COM site 3: #7 in CA vs #13 in COM Server is in LA. Social bookmarking, scrapebox, manual link building (a few high pr inbounds) is what my offsite strat has been so...
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    [HELP] Not ranking at all and it's been 2 weeks already

    Everyone is concentrating on the links aspect of this, what about onsite? Do you have unique content? At least 400 words of unique content per page, with several pages? Are you building links to /all/ of your pages, or just your main page?
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    125+ Bookmarking site in 5$ SO cheap Offer

    Ordering the 500+ package, PM sent with details. order number: 4478135476
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    Adding an "s" to domain name?

    Counts as both, onsite content and internal linking will help greatly with ranking. I used to run "watch sites", and noticed little difference between (showname)episodes DOT com and (showname)episode DOT com when targeting the keyphrases "showname episodes" "showname episode 1..100" "watch...
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    ADSENSE MONEY MAKERS!! Join the team & Make Regular Income from Adsense!!Free SEO Guide!

    5 site package ordered, paypal # 4LW475505L9984712 Looking forward to working with you
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    500 Quality Back Links @ Dirt Cheap Price with $ Back Guarantee–Review Copy Available

    Order placed for 115 link package. Targeted site is a low-competition keyphrase where i'm already #8. Will post review here when order is completed.
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    Need suggestion for case study.

    Been out of the SEO game for a little while now, and i'm attempting to break back in. I have 9 sites that are currently aging (exact match domains, with 1k words of content, single pages). They are ranking well, page 2-3 for their keyphrases (no link building). Once they age a little more...
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    Few data entry operators for data entry job

    If you are interested in automating this task, scraping as well as inserting, then shoot me a msg with your contact info.
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    $0.6/100words - 100% Unique Content!!

    Sorry if this has already been asked, but what is the price/word for spin-ready articles?
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    Web Developers::: LOOK HERE!

    You asked for my contact info, but i couldn't reply due to lack of posts. My aol instant messenger id is *edited*
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    Website Developer NEEDED (Javascript-Jquery-Ajax Expert)

    Let me know if you still need help.
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    Web Developers::: LOOK HERE!

    Depending on the DB type, i could have this done in ~1 hr. PM me.
  20. K Backlink Service - Thousands of Guaranteed Links!

    Is there a limit to the number of ulrs for a single url? could i split up the 15k link package across 10 urls?
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