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  1. buhebutlerpp

    OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Plus For $20 Per Month

    damn, china is not in the country list, maybe we'll have to find our own.
  2. buhebutlerpp

    [ FREE ]anything from ENVATO ELEMENTS. I GOT YOU!

    can i get this plugin? much appreciated.
  3. buhebutlerpp

    Amazon is trash and makes billions. I try to be perfect and my car sucks.

    I think most services have flaws, as it gets larger. you should let everyone know your service when you becomes the best, that takes time and effort.
  4. buhebutlerpp

    What is the best free marketing method?

    yes, that's the price you have to pay but it is relatively secure and stable as well.
  5. buhebutlerpp

    how do people create new channel and monetize them in just few weeks ?

    yeah, you can search for a thread here in BHW telling you how to monetize youtube without adsense.
  6. buhebutlerpp

    Journey to 30k visits per Day [Adult Tube]

    wow, that's a really great achievement. you said you started in twitter and reddit, i don't know if they allow adult content, can you clarify that?
  7. buhebutlerpp

    [Journey] AI Blogging Niche site to $100/month

    thanks for your update man. I am a web developer and good to know you got some coding skills yourself. following...
  8. buhebutlerpp

    Just joined in this Great forum

    welcome to BHW community, I'm looking forward to doing fiverr as well and hope you can share your experience with us.
  9. buhebutlerpp

    eBook- Make money finding bugs on other websites

    this is really a new perspective and I think not many people are doing this, interested to know more.
  10. buhebutlerpp

    [Case Study] Launching a Crypto News Site

    I think crypto is the future and I believe you get a lot when things started to get better. many people start to accumulate in the bear market and you can gain popularity in the way to populate the content. keep up the work.
  11. buhebutlerpp

    Beginning Dropservicing

    learning by doing and never easily give up, that's the best advice for you whatever project you want to build.
  12. buhebutlerpp

    Ways to Earn online

    that's why I learned web development myself and I'm good at programming.
  13. buhebutlerpp

    Quitting dropshipping business...Worst business model in 2022

    yeah, with so many people flocking to drop shipping, it becomes harder and harder to get into drop shipping, however, those who stick to the end will succeed. after all, the business model is not wrong at all, you just have to know how to establish yourself.
  14. buhebutlerpp

    Drop servicing

    yeah thanks for your guide, I know this method long before but I was reluctant to implement. where did you get your VA?
  15. buhebutlerpp

    Boosy - Introduction

    welcome to btw. I have been a web developer myself and I love internet marketing as well.
  16. buhebutlerpp

    hodl 0.5 btc or sell for $$ and try to buy btc at $10k?

    I think if you are not worried about funds, just hold it. this is my choice. BTC is limited in numbers, after all.
  17. buhebutlerpp

    Hi all

    welcome to BHW community, do you have any experience in internet marketing?
  18. buhebutlerpp

    What sells great on YouTube if you could rank any video there? Looking for $10K/month

    can you reveal your method for ranking any video? i think virtual products like software would sell well on youtube. physical products are good but the video is not easy to make, profit margin is low.
  19. buhebutlerpp

    [Journey] Creating an Automated News Website with help of Manual+AI Content and scaling further.

    awesome journey, i will follow closely with your plan to see what result it can yield.
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