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    From 0 to 650k traffic in a matter of days

    If your domain is one of those SPAMDEX domains that appear on google and keep indexing (thousands of domains actually with millions of kws) i saw a part of their source code. Problem is I dont know exactly how they index all those millions of pages fast... they have a sitemap that updates itself...
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    Ranking Linkdin Pulse Posts - How to do it?

    Its simple... old linkedin account .. 100+ connections ... post..index..thats it..nothing special.
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    [Journey] Will my site rise even more ? Or drop down like a sack of potato

    I haven't read any topic on bhw ... just use your imagination ... database of sites ...thats all i will say. Thanks Thanks. Will look into that. Adsense as I said is hard for my site to get in probably since optimization is not the best and topics are very random. Yes I do . As soon as i get...
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    [Journey] Will my site rise even more ? Or drop down like a sack of potato

    Hey everyone ! For few months now i've been experiencing the power of 301 redirects from old expired domains . Surprinsingly it still works very well even though some people keep saying 301 redirects are dead for seo and shit like that. I have a domain with around 50k articles scraped and...
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    Google's SEO Update from John Mueller

    - Changing publication dates doesn't help rankings. Without significant content changes, updating dates on web pages will not improve search rankings. this line is total BS . I am watching few sites for few months that change the date for some articles that rank on first page on very high...
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    Best way to get/hire real doctors to review blog posts?

    You can ask this guy... i heard is the real deal
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    Get 100 Blogroll Sidebar Homepage PBN Backlinks On DA 50+ Websites Just in 50$

    Da is fake ? (Boosted with google links ?) I would like to see some samples if possible
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    Method - Make Bank with YouTube Commenting!

    Method is old...also many comments get ghosted not that easy now
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    Any new google update hapening for google news ?

    Update: Indeed there seems to be an issue with indexing for some sites ... Source
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    Any new google update hapening for google news ?

    Hello, Any google update happening today ? I have few google news sites..all stopped indexing around 4-5 hours ago.
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    The owner of Scrapebox has passed away (not really but i don't get an answer..)

    Scrapebox is still one of the best SEO tools ever made... i have 2 licenses with them for many years and I almost use the software daily . I recently purchased the Serp Tracker premium was activated in less than 24 .. owners are alive lol
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    HELP !!! my website disappeared from Google search POOF

    It happend to one site of mine the same thing ... 2 days ago it completly vanished..had over 9k pages indexed . In gsc i cant see anything for penatlies ... weird shit .
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    [Crazy] 13M Subscribers in 1 MONTH.

    Maybe some new SMM panel service provider going hard but or some new clickjack...still doesnt make any sense
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    What tools are needed to create a doorway page and index thousands of links like this?

    Ask ChatGpt the right question. It might surprise you ...indexing is very easy ...issue is how fast pages will be indexed ...few hours to few 1-2 days
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    Whats youtube next move ? Intreruptions to force you buy premium ?

    Hello, I wanna ask if its just me or happends to others... Recently on youtube I've had intreruptions on whatever i watch... on my laptop or phone ... wifi or phone main 5g network ... I've been using adblocker on both for a long time and never had issues... but recently i have intreruptions...
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    Our Onlyfans and Pornhub journey.

    Any review copies ?
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    Sites with Generatepress penalized by Google?

    I have 4 sites in the same niche..only different content..different hostings for each site.. 2 of them had generatepress theme and both got f*cked up. The other 2 are fine . In some way I was thinking the same...but there is no justification for the theme to be the doesnt have any...
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