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  1. mrBH000

    Thoughts on USDT?

    What about busd?
  2. mrBH000

    i should buy xrp?

    Don't, this is too risky.
  3. mrBH000

    [Recommendation] Do you think Chase Reiner Strategy Worth it?

    I am inspired by Chase Reiner's strategy. As you know, it's quite an expensive setup. Tools I need: Contact Form Captcha Breaker Proxy RDP Verified List domain hosting autoresponder Did I miss anything? I am planning to promote Jasper or related services. As per my understanding, it requires a...
  4. mrBH000

    First affiliate comission

    Isn't it coming from gsa? I am not sure
  5. mrBH000

    [Need Help] Documents for Paypal limitation

    Hello everyone, I've created a new Paypal account and received a few bucks. Now PayPal wants some documents. I want to know which business category I should select for the long run. As this is a business account, they are asking for delivery proof. I want to make it easy. How can I do...
  6. mrBH000

    Can One Just Upload Someone's Videos And Earn On Onlyfans?

    pretended to be that model might work :D
  7. mrBH000

    xvideo content on hold - blocked until review

    Are those unique contents? Do you produce adult contents?
  8. mrBH000

    Any good contabo alternatives?

    Yes, I was also searching for good vps and found contabo but there are too many negative reviews, specially forum members are not recommending contabo
  9. mrBH000

    Crypto Investment Recommendation

    Could you please send me a resource?
  10. mrBH000

    Crypto Investment Recommendation

    Hello Can you recommend any money making method related to crypto? Want to give a try so wanna invest a few bucks. Any thought on copiumprotocol project?
  11. mrBH000

    Xevil vs Gsa Captcha Breaker: Do you know?

    Thanks man for clearing the confusion.
  12. mrBH000

    Xevil vs Gsa Captcha Breaker: Do you know?

    $10 monthly payment is the hidden key of this tool.
  13. mrBH000

    Xevil vs Gsa Captcha Breaker: Do you know?

    Isn't it for bundle plan? What about the single plan, if i take only xevil, I sent a mail two days back, still no reply from them.
  14. mrBH000

    [Suggestion] Have you tried chase reiner?

    Promoting cpa throw contact form should work in some cases.
  15. mrBH000

    [Suggestion] Have you tried chase reiner?

    Which one have you tried? Contact form method?
  16. mrBH000

    Xevil vs Gsa Captcha Breaker: Do you know?

    Their pricing is completely confusing.
  17. mrBH000

    Xevil vs Gsa Captcha Breaker: Do you know?

    How much do i need to pay for xevil monthly?
  18. mrBH000

    [Suggestion] Have you tried chase reiner?

    Ideas are awesome and looks solid, specially gsa contact form with decent cpa/affiliate offers. What do you think? Phantom blaster somehow expensive for me I was looking for a cheap solution. That method also looks solid. I already got the course here. His already share the key points in his...
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