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  1. agilius

    I quit my day job lets see if i can make it online

    I'm doing something similar myself now. Apart from this I do two other things: 1. I conditioned myself to ask 5 questions every morning. The moment I wake up I ask myself 5 questions. One of them is "What's one thing that I am really looking forward to doing with my work?". After two weeks, I...
  2. agilius

    Can you post stolen pics on pinterest?

    I would like to know the niche/type of photos that got reported so many times as well.
  3. agilius

    Is it possible to scrape your friends profile pictures?

    You can have a bot scrap everything you can access in your browser. This includes facebook content. So yes, you can. Why would you want that?
  4. agilius

    ▶️ 330+ POSITIVE REVIEWS ◀️ - ✅ Instagram Domination Secrets ✅ Gain 100K Real Followers & Make Money ✅ 2023 Updated + More!

    Just went thru the ebook. Good stuff. Started to apply manually the things described and it works. Prepared a new account and some new content in a hobby niche of mine, followed the instructions to get followers and I got 17 followers by staying on instagram for 30 mins yesterday plus the extra...
  5. agilius

    Newbie CPA Guide: Plan + Target + Consistency = $$$

    Today I'll get busy with writing the second IM Related article. Dam I hate it! It's so hard to start and do something. I hope my little update on what I want to do isn't to boring for others.. It just keeps me motivated, or something like that. What CPA Networks do you guys suggest? I've seen...
  6. agilius

    Newbie CPA Guide: Plan + Target + Consistency = $$$

    I'm starting to write a few 400~500 word articles related to IM and the mindset of a marketer right now. In 1 week I'll have at laest 5 of those articles and like that I'll be ready to upload them on a new domain, get a free but really cool looking profesional wordpress theme and make a small...
  7. agilius

    This Is Crazy Kidnapped woman hidden in CA backyard for 18 years

    This is just... Omg... I guess this kind of things happen a lot don't they?
  8. agilius

    Make Money from My Space Blackhat

    I never tried anything on myspace yet. I don't know what mpslinks are, but I think a .info domain should do the trick... I will try this in the following weeks and if it works I'll share some thoughts, but first I'd like to see how aussietech is doing.
  9. agilius

    How to Seize Traffic TO Your SITE!!

    great info, I "spanked" the thanks button on my way ;). I think this will be the best way to start a new tutorial blog, and since I am also a freelancer and work on DP goes well for me, I will have no problem creating and distributing those templates. :D
  10. agilius

    How To Make 10$ - 60$ A Day With

    I tried last night but the uploader program doesn't want to start uploading for me..I tried uploading each file manually but this way it stoped at 80%~90%. Firewall is not a problem here... I will try again tonight. Has anyone tried adding a small internet shortcut in the downloads and point...
  11. agilius

    %100 Free Unique Content - For all Websites

    TheKid, dude, this method is great. Stop thinking negative. I don't think there is a thing that will work in all situations. Just think, and find a way to do something with this, not complain about how it won't work. It's a lot easier to talk about things that could go wrong...
  12. agilius

    ***FREE php script for all BHW members***

    I have registered as agilius. I'd like the "Auto Mega Script Version 1 Unlimited" script please. Thank you. :D. Nice offer btw ;) Good job!
  13. agilius

    Hi5 Account Creator

    can you give me a few hints about this program? I haven't installed it yet, but I want to know if I will get banned for creating more accounts from the same IP? Or shall I use a proxy with it. Thanks.
  14. agilius

    Hello BHW!

    Hello and welcome Peter. I hope you will enjoy your stay and become one of the active part of the community :D. Regards, Vlad
  15. agilius

    Calling all Noobs....Make Quick Cash Now

    I wonder if this works with paydotcom products? :D That would be great! Actually, I am going to try this out asap. The PPI + Torrent stuff that I've read here didn't turn out to well for me. :D
  16. agilius

    people who are in TJ's money making project.

    We should get contacted soon. The 48 hours (as said in the last email sent from him to me) will be over soon. :) Very soon. I'm almost sure we won't have to wait much longer. :D
  17. agilius

    The fastest ever way to get money with out doing nearly anything at all!

    I think the ingredients that I need to gather cost more that I can afford :)) I think that's why we all work hard to get a money online so that we can do this magic trick and be rich forever :D
  18. agilius

    Suggest a tag line for Black Hat World!

    How about: Black Hat World: The shadow of the white hat. Black Hat World: Think outside the hat. Black Hat World: What's YOUR method? Black Hat World: Rulers in the dark. Black Hat World: The methods of beyond... :D
  19. agilius

    Help Us Decide On Membership Price

    Since this forums seems way better than DP and since paying will not even motivate you - the 'teachers' - but also us - the students - I guess I can pay around 20$~30$/month. I don't earn to much, but thanks to BHW things will change, so giving something back won't be a problem in my point of...
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