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    Need someone to list my website in dmoz

    Have you check this thread?
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    Namecheap renewal coupon?

    October 2012 BDAYPARTY This coupon code is valid for one year com/net/org renewals only and is limited to 5 domains per customer. The pricing is $8.88 plus $0.18 ICANN fee. SPOOKYDEAL com/net/org/biz New Registration & Transfer; .info Transfer HOSTOBER Shared Hosting ? 20% Off of...
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    wordpress vs Blogspot

    Wordpress period.
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    Add Tex to This Theme?

    By adding some new features to the current theme and a backend (admin area) to create/edit the text.
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    Done, check your PM.
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    Need simple bot programmed

    PM me with detail explanation, your PM is full.
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    Why are so many bots coded in Delphi?

    Maybe. It's about the codes efficiency, fast and no dependency with many library (DLL). Multi threading is easier with Delphi, and many other reason.
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    Anyone into computers?

    You need to switch from Analog to Digital in your graphics/monitor setting. Also check in your monitor menu to enable DVI.
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    70.000 fb fans - programming / marketing

    Absolutely NOT acceptable.
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    Namehcheap offer need?

    January 2012
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    need hosting

    Free Hosting
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    Newbies Can't Bump Threads? Bring Up My Posts
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    WordPress Theme Error

    And which one is line 183? This usually happen when there is an php echo instruction came up before the header. The workaround is by adding: <?php ob_start(); ?> ... <?php ob_flush(); ?> // at the end of the function.
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    WordPress Theme Error

    what is the content on themes/Jenks/functions.php between line 180 and line 190?
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    How to Extract the PHP Code of a diff Webpage from Source?

    Stealing php source file is easy IF you know ftp/CPanel access username and password. If you want to copy Web to Web, you will get a very close result (html), but not the exact php codes. PHP can't be copied via http protocol. Anyway, keep trying...:bad:
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    Free Bullet Proof Hosting?

    free hosting company and bullet proof against lawyers? I'm affraid no.
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    Paypal Owes me $230 !Need Advice!

    From Completed status, it usually takes 8 hours to be in your bank acc. Ask your bank for transaction on the date PP says Completed.
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    [HELP] htaccess fetch content from another domain

    I'm not sure, but I think that it's not possible by only using htaccess commands.
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    why do not have somebody mention about ELANCE?

    -. Get all the tests -. Prepare your portfolio -. Don't bid too high and too low. -. Give quality work. -. Paid. -. Donate to BHW + No need to mention BHW there. Good luck.
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    google show warning on my hacked site

    Turn off your all your ads, if you sure that code is the cause then throw it from your site. Send some junk traffic to your site, your should be fine within 48 hours...
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