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  1. Sima Simmer

    Where to watch FIFA?

    Google: stream2watch
  2. Sima Simmer

    Best way to watch the World Cup online?

    didi u land on istream2watch (com) watch out there are many fake clones of that page best is you always use stream2watch (com) - the rest is fake
  3. Sima Simmer

    Best way to watch the World Cup online?

    but it's free and it works - thx for sharing
  4. Sima Simmer

    Google Spam Update October 19th.

    " Do You Remember the movie "Groundhog Day" ? Come on Google, every year, same time, same shit ? before big shopping days ? Why, oh why there is no place, where you can bet on google updates in big traffic / cash season - I would go all in - same time - every year. Oh wait google is improving...
  5. Sima Simmer

    backlinks and the 301 redirect

    ahrefs havin gissues with redirects - but that redirect would make more sense that way : spam site > 301 > 301
  6. Sima Simmer

    What is the most bullshit job you know?

    Doing SEO in those days
  7. Sima Simmer

    ♔ ADDTOINDEX.COM - Effective Backlink Indexing Solution for 2022 and beyond

    50 free test credits pls thx sounds good !
  8. Sima Simmer

    [method?] movie streaming sites

    You have really no clue what you are talking about—some people talk without thinking, you seem to create posts in the same pattern.
  9. Sima Simmer

    Website is bouncing so hard

    pretty much all of the sites are bouncing right now due to the product review update running—just wait a couple of days. For page 1 you might need some more backlinks - simply check your competitors.
  10. Sima Simmer

    Google Says AI Generated Content Is Against Guidelines

    I usually do the opposite what john the Google mascot is telling—and that is working fine for years. Why do people listen to that guy—it will in no case help you.
  11. Sima Simmer

    Is this a penalty?

    low quality content or keyword spam ?
  12. Sima Simmer

    Monster White - Guest Post Style Posts from Huge High Authority Sites - Only $15

    did order: #FDE5F622 - used service several times and always saw improvements
  13. Sima Simmer

    Improved article but it dropped in rank

    basically, I would never touch an article that ranks top3 - who is telling you that it is improved - any seo writing tools ?
  14. Sima Simmer

    ✔️ Google: No SEO Bonus For Keyword-Based Domains

    OFC keywords in domain work great - always - and as others already said do the opposite what John MU saying—he is just a mascot of google—funny looking guy that seems to be nice and cover google dirty stuff. If you do what he tells you the past years you end up at no traffic
  15. Sima Simmer

    I want to speak about corona

    you promote your shit SEO tool that's all
  16. Sima Simmer

    Indexed but not showing in the search results ( lol)! ( Please help)

    did you tell google in webmaster tools about that domain move. Anyways that might take several weeks to months.
  17. Sima Simmer

    How i've made 30k$ in a week

    let's see how it works - 60k traffic 30k income that anyways sounds very unrealistic or is it 60k average traffic a day per month, that would be more realistic :) Well applied gonna give it a try
  18. Sima Simmer

    How i've made 30k$ in a week

    is it ? isn't that against google ToS ?
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