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    A Refresher on On-Page SEO

    Great post. Do you have any tools you recommend for finding those words which don't necessarily have volume (underlined using your example): nursing laptops, laptop for a nurse, best laptops for nurses, great laptops for nurses, what is the best laptop for a nursing, nurses need, nurses are...
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    Case Study: EMD That Made Me $40,000

    Great case study and your replies have been really helpful too. I've got two questions: 1. How often was your main keyword repeated in the URL? Say you want to rank on the term Miami House Painters. Is it over optimizing to repeat "accountant" in the inner page url...
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    ⭐GET Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins⚡FESTINGERVAULT.COM ❤️Automatic Updates | Bulk Downloads | VirusTotal Reports ➡️ REGISTER FOR A BONUS!⚜️

    Hi, The extensions to the Ajax Load More plugin like shortcode builder would be great.
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    I Discovered Lots Of Spammy/Bad Links To My Website.... Help!!!

    Thank you for making this post. I actually have exactly the same spammy backlink profile. I suspected an SEO attack and considered disavowing but decided against it because: 1) I thought these websites might be linking out to pretty much everyone on the web; 2) I thought that manually...
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    What are these external links?

    Have the same. They redirect through to various Vietnamese gambling offers etc. I was wondering whether to disavow but I guess if it's happening to lots of websites there's probably no need
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    Attention!! Free guest post on my travel blog with link from the NYTIMES

    I'm interested if you're still accepting posts
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    Domain/Parent-Page/Internal-Page/Post Permalink

    I read this thought provoking post by @splishsplash but I'm having trouble implementing the silo structure using WordPress I already have existing blog post articles about a particular HP laptop...
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