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    Get facebook likes on a photo

    Just looking for an approximate price here. Would like to get around 2k likes on a particular facebook photo. Is is possible and how much would that cost? Thanks!
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    Need a person for Data Entry Job

    Ready to work at the price mentioned!
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    Someone to DO A bunch of copy pasting and wordpress posts

    Hey bigwhite, I'm ready to work, please message me!
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    A nice job

    Ready to work sir, please send me a message!
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    Im looking for someone who can verify my FB accounts

    Please message me sir, I am interested to work. I have a lot of free time!
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    Hiring freelancer facebok related 5$-300$/day easy! No knowledge needed/noobs can do it!

    Please message me sir, I am interested to work. I have a lot of free time!
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    How do I market my site?

    My site mediaget, has been under development for a month. It's a DDL linking site, I'd like to think it's very easy to use and organized. B Would like some advice on how I can improve it and maybe get more traffic for it. I dont want to really put ad's until I get more traffic, is this a good...
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    Newbie Question : Coded a half decent site, now what?

    So I've coded Mediaget. It's a pretty decently organized site. One problem is that most of the content on the home page is loaded through ajax (Type in a letter in the tv-show or movies tab and click on any one of the results). Will this be a problem in my SEO?
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