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    I need edu email

    Try the fiverr clones like seoclerks and gigbucks. They have less traffic but hopefully they are not banning them.
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    I need edu email

    I'm sure you will find on fiverr
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    Zennoposter vs ubot or other

    Yes it is pretty good and I am considering purchasing it. But I wanted to know how it compares with ubot. Which one will allow me to create bots faster? I don't have time to learn C#. What I found really interesting about ubot is the compiling feature. I don't plan to sell bots but I will be...
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    Zennoposter vs ubot or other

    Hello, What in your opinion is the best web automation software? I am looking to automate some of the tasks I do. I need it mainly for scraping data and automate some stuff that I do. I have downloaded the trial of zennoposter and manage to automate some very basic stuff. I have some much more...
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    BANK WITH EBAY- The Only Dropshipping Course That Will Take You to $10,000/m in 6 Months

    purchase the course sometimes ago but did not have the time to look at it. Here is my transaction ID: 5*********0435
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    Easiest to rank web 2.0 for parasite seo

    Hi, I want to give a try to parasite seo. What are the easiest web 2.0 to rank according to you? It seems that many of them don't rank as high as they used
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    why use private proxies with GSA?

    You should try another proxy provider. Check the marketplace here for some good provider.
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    [Giveaway] 25 Pindominator Licenses to 25 Pinterest Marketers

    Hi, I am creating a site related to parenting. Pinterest will be a great source of traffic for this since it consist mostly of women. I will use your software to generate traffic to the website. The site will be monetized using amazon and there will also be adsense ads. Thanks in advance
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    [GIVEAWAY] Get a FREE Keyword! Everyone allowed! By Elite Keywords

    Can I get a clickbank keyword please? Thanks
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    [Giveaway] 25 Pindominator Licenses to 25 Pinterest Marketers

    Hi, thanks for this giveaway. I have been trying to try pinterest recently and just came across your site. I am actually building an affiliate eCommerce site. I have already found a niche. It will be simmilar to an ecommerce site except that I will find the most popular items in my niche from...
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    Want to watch me spend $10,000 U.S. on an IM Journey?

    Hi, I just signed up for the free hosting. I am curious to know how you would get traffic for your website? Will it be through advertising only using the $10 000?
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    Lover's Blog Posting Service - Up To 750 Posts - Starting at $15

    just ordered. Transaction id ********615J
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    WIKI blast starting from 2$ cheaper and better then FIVERR!!

    How many unique domains for the highest package?
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    Spam I Am The #1 Spam Links Service RANK & BANK -/- BOOST YOUR TIERS

    So if i buy 10k contextual links, then those will come from 10k unique domains? If not then let me know how many unique contextual domains you have.
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    Wham! Bam! Thank you Ma'am! 10K GSA Blast Highly Diversified 100+ Platforms Just $4.97

    just placed an order for 10k links. Transaction id : **************942K Cn you confirm that you received it?
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    Am I being neg seo'ed?

    yes disavow them. Since the links come from only two root domain, I would suggest to disavow all links coming these domains. I think you can disavow a domain like this:
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    Do you think adding your site to GWT is unsafe?

    I would avoid it. Because when one of your websites got penalize, they may check your other sites. Of course gwt does provide some valuable information, but there is still a risk. May be creating several accounts for each website will be safer.
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