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  1. weaselstomp

    Best way to launch a new product online

    In the area where I live (SW Florida) there are TONS of kayak rental places, boating magazines, etc. It would be incredibly easy to contact a writer for one of the local magazines and have him test a kayak out in exchange for a short article. That alone would get the attention of marine shop...
  2. weaselstomp

    Am i getting scammed?

    90% of ebay/dhgate/etc sellers won't ship to italy.
  3. weaselstomp

    Best way to launch a new product online

    If you have amazon prime you can create a new product. It might also be worth contacting a few local marine shop owners (even if they're a franchise) to fence your goods for market testing. Give them a MSRP of from 30-50% over what you charge for the price, and only make them pay you if they...
  4. weaselstomp

    Do you report your ebay income to the IRS?

    In the US if you make more than $600 income for the year from something you have to report it. If you get caught not reporting income you can run into some serious problems.
  5. weaselstomp

    Increase friend requests and accepts with proper profile pic usage

    Check this out. I didn't write it, but it should help if you're new to IM with social networking, and having a hard time choosing your profile pic. Enjoy!
  6. weaselstomp

    Google doesn't penalize for duplicate content

    From While Google's Matt Cutts has certainly provided a wealth of helpful tips via the company's Webmaster Central YouTube channel, he is not the only one to do so. Greg Grothaus of the Search Quality...
  7. weaselstomp

    how many facebook users from the same IP?

    Reason is that some universities and businesses stay behind one IP :)
  8. weaselstomp

    Great C# 2008 And .Net 3.5 Book

    link seems to be down
  9. weaselstomp

    So I Made My First Bot With Imacros

    Well, I wouldn't do this with PHP really. Instead (if you're on a Windows box), I would use VBScript. I would combine some of the VBS samples ( with my own VBS for each word: whatever.vbs: Dim iret, iim1 set iim1=...
  10. weaselstomp

    For 95% of BHW

  11. weaselstomp

    Yahoo Caught Me!

    Open an LLC. It's like $100/yr. If you're making more than that it's a net gain :)
  12. weaselstomp

    Ways to f**k up someone's life / make their life a living hell?

    Yeah, go to a bookstore and visit the magazine aisle :) they won't mind.
  13. weaselstomp

    Get some additional traffic, automated :)

    Thanks! So PRStorm gave you 500 hits with a few hundred thousand, and Stumble gave you 5 with 4000? The ratio could be close!
  14. weaselstomp

    Get some additional traffic, automated :)

    You could set the referrer in RefControl as a "<normal>" action: Click Add Site -> "" This would ensure that Stumbleupon gets their own referrer, but every other site gets yours :)
  15. weaselstomp

    Get some additional traffic, automated :)

    And if you want to make it really fast and have fewer timeouts: disable images, popups, get AdBlock, and disable Java (not JavaScript - else you can't stumble) :)
  16. weaselstomp

    Get some additional traffic, automated :)

    Would you like me to mod it to capture the URL and save it somewhere, so you can make a big link page? :) Actually, yes. Unless, that is, you have the RefControl extension. I tested this theory before posting it. To test it, I installed and configured the RefControl Firefox extension, and made...
  17. weaselstomp

    Get some additional traffic, automated :)

    Blog owners tend to check where their traffic is coming from... Quote from It's not something you need to babysit, for a little extra traffic to your offers. Just set it and forget it. What you're offering should be geared toward...
  18. weaselstomp

    Get some additional traffic, automated :)

    One more modification to this. After testing this for several hours, (and getting some decent traffic back), I've tweaked this to be a bit faster and have less errors. VERSION BUILD=6240709 RECORDER=FX TAB T=1 URL...
  19. weaselstomp

    Get some additional traffic, automated :)

    Modified the macro script a little bit to ignore errors and (hopefully) dialogs: VERSION BUILD=6240709 RECORDER=FX TAB T=1 SET !ERRORIGNORE YES URL GOTO= SET !LOOP 10 TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=ID:linkStumble
  20. weaselstomp

    Get some additional traffic, automated :)

    A little trick I found and modified to make as unobtrusive as possible and still get some traffic. This works purely on blog-owner curiosity. The method: Fake your browsers referer to your website URL Stumble! When the website owner checks their stats, their incoming links should show your...
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