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    Looking for links in the eye care niche

    Guest blogs, niche edits, etc. from high traffic, relevant sites
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    Looking for links in the eye care niche

    Who can help me out with links in the eye care niche?
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    Looking for advice on e-blasting

    this is the kind of advice I am looking for thank you - i am not familiar with virtual RDP's - would this be a simple paid service or do I need to know some special tech stuff?
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    Looking for advice on e-blasting

    Thanks for the suggestion - I checked them out, looks like its a windows only software and im on Mac
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    Looking for advice on e-blasting

    By blast I mean an email to several hundred people at once pitching my article for link building, I have a list of email addresses that I purchased from a data miner, I am not sure what unbounce means. thanks
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    Looking for advice on e-blasting

    I want to e-blast some site owners to build links. Am I able to remove the footer that most softwares add? Any software suggestions? Or should I BCC? Tips for avoiding spam? Just looking for general e-blast tips (Please let me know if there is isnt the right thread for this query, i am new to...
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    Mr.Guest post - Upgraded version 2017- DA 40+ & Moz rank included - Pay me upon completion!!

    OP gave me a link from a high quality medical site - overall experience was very good and I have even seen a bump up 1 spot in rankings since acquiring the link. They were very flexible in content revisions and accommodating of my customized requests. Well-worth the fair price!
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    My image links are all from

    Hello - I did end up finding the solution - call GoDaddy and tell them you want to disable your CDN. Hope this helps
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    I know I can't solicit backlinks here - where should I go?

    Can someone direct me to a thread where it would be appropriate to ask to buy links from sites in a specific niche? Thanks
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    Medical sites that buy/sell link placements?

    Probably! I am used to national SEO - so thanks for the tip i will read up on that
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    Medical sites that buy/sell link placements?

    Hey guys, I am starting up work for an Optometrist (Eye Doctor) practice and am wondering what the best way is to find sites that offer link insertions. I do SEO for a technology company as my primary gig and I found a competitor that buys all of his links and just reach out to all of the...
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    Does this link pass SEO juice?

    I am considering building links via visitors bureaus/ chambers for localized rankings. i.e. purchase a sponsor package for thinkiowacity dot com and have my business listing link to domain dot com/target-keyword-iowa-city in an effort to rank in that city. 2 questions: 1. do you think this is a...
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    Why do sites charge more for links from content you create than links on existing articles?

    As i am contacting sites for sponsored posts, i have noticed a trend. These sites charge more for original content that you publish to their site than for a link insertion on an existing article. Intuitively, you would think it would be the other way around since you are providing them valuable...
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    how to tell if i am getting negative SEO'd

    thanks, thats what i figured. is there any way within GSC to see links by date? like to see the new links that come in? or do they only show all links?
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    how to tell if i am getting negative SEO'd

    Thanks for the insight. To be a little more specific my question was do spammy PBN's exist for the sole purpose of negative SEO and they all block crawlers like Moz and Ahrefs so the victim can't detect the attack? Maybe i'm getting a little too paranoid at this point but me and my competitor...
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    how to tell if i am getting negative SEO'd

    I have good reason to believe that my competitor may be trying to negative SEO me. I know i need to monitor my backlinks, but can't sites block crawlers from tools like Ahrefs and Moz? Or will these tools pick up any potential negative SEO links?
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    [GET] - Cuple of easy high DA Backlinks - Easy, Mix

    Yo i see all of my competitors getting links from Gust but i can't figure out how to do it? am i dumb?
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    Can I link to my tier 2 and money site at the same time?

    As a newbie to tiered link building, can I link to both tier 2 and money making site on the same tier 3 url? For example, if i write a guest blog post, can i link the article to my web 2.0 tier 2 site and my money-making site at the same time or is that a no-no? any good resources on best...
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    What is tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 link building?

    Ironically enough though, this was the first google hit when i typed tier 1 2 3 link building, and it is doing a great job of explaining my question
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