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    Chance "tweetbots" to "tweetdeck" or something else

    Hello! I am using "tweetbots" for putting RSS Content to my twitter Accounts. Now I would like to replace "from Tweetbots" to something else like "tweetdeck", which is not directly apparent to the contributions of automatic tweets. Is there a possibility? Perhaps a script like tweetbots...
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    Auto Blogpost Publishing Tool

    Thanks for the tipps
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    Over 800 ******** Blogs

    After downloading, you can visit manually each blog and comment on it. Easier is to use for this a tool.
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    Over 800 ******** Blogs

    Hello, I found a list with more than 800 ******** blogs h**t://seoblackhatwoman.w0rdpress.c0m/ultimate-********-blog-list/
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    Auto Blogpost Publishing Tool

    Hello, I have about 200 blogs, with real good content (no dc or spinning). Every week I publish articles to this blogs manually. Does anybody knew a tool for this job? For example: Blog A - article1.doc Blog B - article2.doc etc.
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