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    ⛔ The Last Journey ⛔ 【AI Takeover】 The Quest of Building a Fully Autonomous Site Generator ❤️ Passive Income on Autopilot — Let's GO! ❤️

    @splishsplash Did any of your sites get hit by Helpful content updates? Anything interesting about sites that did and did not get hit? Does rich text help avoid getting hit? I ask because my main site in the tech niche has been hit by both HCUs and I can't get it to recover.
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    I have 1.000.000+ Impressions on 141 websites /month.

    Did any of your sites get hit by the spam or helpful content updates? What was different about the site that were and were not hit?
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    Should I buy backlinks now ?

    You can buy backlinks but it should not be a large amount all at once
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    I need Free Backlinks

    You can try doing blogger outreach and asking for guest posts to do free link building
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    IG + Shopify Journy. Need Guidence!

    You could try selling products through dm's
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    If I Can Make 189.00 in a Day Using FaceBook, You SURELY Can!

    Hello, I need some advice, I tried to start this method about three days ago I bought some usa phone verified accounts from fiverr and private proxies from usa. Then I started to try to build my facebook accounts up slowly by only joing 5 groups on each account each with separate proxies, then...
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    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    Hi, whenever i try to post comments with links to my site on facebook after roughly my 3rd comment it stops letting me comment. Does anyone know what i might be doing wrong?
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    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    Oh i didn't know that. I'll use your google method then until i can "buy" the paid version. Also i'd just like to say thank you to you freddy (and of course meathead). It can be pretty hard at times when just starting out in IM, if it wasn't for people like yourself and meathead, people just...
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    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    Hello, i've been trying get going with this method for the past couple of days but i keep having this problem in buzzbundle where if i try to filter the results to show only posts from today or yesterday i get almost no results, the keywords i've been using are things like weight loss, how to...
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    The Pinterest Bible

    Hello everyone, I'm not so experienced with pinterest so go easy on me here but... I was browsing it earlier and i found this page wwwdotpinterestdotcom/lowcostvacation/jewelry-for-her/ all it contains is pins linking to the same amazon estore site. and then if you look at their profile page...
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    DONE - 1200 Amazon sales in one week

    I have a really nube question but if you use the blogger redirect twist, then how would you get the blog accepted onto amazon affiliates? Because surely they wouldn't accept a blog with nothing on it.
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    What is Cloaking ?

    It's basically so you can hide affiliate links
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    Cloaker Recommendations?

    wp cloaker works great
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    100% working method, ( made $300 in my 1st month )

    This is a nice method
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    Offshore Cloud Hosting Solution from BLUEANGELHOST

    whats your mailing limit?
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    I'm Speaking at the BHW Conference, What do you guys want to learn?

    plus one for the new seo tactics suggestion
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    Need auto buying bot!! PLEASE!

    I could use one my self
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