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    Email Encryption software in need!

    Thanks for your swift reply, but after downloading it there's no executable file over there.... is it meant for Linux? what do i do with it after downloading instead of pressing setup dot exe ....? Thanks
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    Email Encryption software in need!

    Is there a way to use PayPal anonymously ?
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    Email Encryption software in need!

    Any recommendations? The most important part is that i want to pay for it but not in a way that would (directly) point at me, can't be my credit card, paypal etc. -- any advice on this either ? Thanks in Advance!
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    Anonymous POP3 Client

    Hi there, I'm looking for a replacement for Outlook Express that doesn't sign outgoing emails with any unique serial #'s (IP addy, etc.) or does that with meaningless ones. Thanks!
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    Browsers Lesson IN NEED (Netscape - Other)

    Hi Folks, Is there any other Browser out there that mandatory changes every page's colors to my choise? My preferences are attached. I'm a proud & true Netscape'er for years since it's the only that does NOT make my eyes sting from the given white BG's glare. SO - which Browser out...
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    Country(ies) YOU would Host Your Private Info

    Hi Fellows, So where do you think it's less likely, if at all, to get looked after or even poked by (Western, Iraqi, whatever) Gov authorities ? And I'm not a spammer.... I would appreciate any tip of info :-)
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