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  1. dr_0x

    302 redirect it will pass some juice?

    It makes sense to me since it's fairly common for sites to use all kinds of redirects. 301, 302, and meta-refresh are all fairly common. However, since they also all have their intended use cases, maybe the algorithms are smart enough to determine the actual context of the link.
  2. dr_0x

    302 redirect it will pass some juice?

    Check out this thread for some info on the subject.
  3. dr_0x

    Is this how sponsorships work?

    Screw those guy's Don! They wouldn't ask you to pay anything for a real sponsorship. In fact, they'd be paying you in addition to dropping off boxes of cloths on your doorstep.
  4. dr_0x

    Welcome to our New Moderators in Training

    Thanks for making the community stronger!
  5. dr_0x

    Have you used BHW SEO services and managed to rank (recently) - Share some experiences with everyone

    I've dropped just under $1,500 on services here on BHW in the last few months (since November, 2017). In many cases I'm targeting multiple tiers that I've built on my own. Because of all that, it is incredibly hard for me to attribute movement to any one service. Because there is so much...
  6. dr_0x

    What would happen to you if BHW ceases to exist tomorrow?

    Zwielicht... You took your hat off. What gives?
  7. dr_0x

    What would happen to you if BHW ceases to exist tomorrow?

    There are plenty of forums just waiting. In fact, some might say BHW is the successor to some other forum. o_O
  8. dr_0x

    Have you used BHW SEO services and managed to rank (recently) - Share some experiences with everyone

    All of my reviews are legit. Though I understand that having some reviews incentivized makes them vulnerable to slant. I always try to provide valuable feedback for the other users of BHW and so providers can take note and improve their services. I do not provide ranking improvements in my...
  9. dr_0x

    Who can develop an Online Sport toggle?

    I can make that.
  10. dr_0x

    So I met this woman she is 44 yrs old

    Hooked up with a 42 year old when I was 20, not a single regret there. Go for it!
  11. dr_0x

    From rank 7 to nothing

    Sounds a bit like you're mixing concerns or jumping the gun on things, not sure which. In one breath you're saying google changed something, on the other you're saying you changed something. How do you know which change had an effect or which effect each change had? In my opinion you are better...
  12. dr_0x

    Google indexing /page/[number] from PBN

    Something is being returned, likely already a 404. It could take a while for a 404 that was once a 200 to go away. You might have better luck with 410 but I remove them in webmaster tool. I get that it's a PBN so this isn't likely an option. So just make sure it's returning a 404 or 410 now...
  13. dr_0x

    What Automation Bot do you want?

    Python 3.6
  14. dr_0x

    Parasite with 302 redirects?

    I've been working with a parasite that is: a) a subdomain site b) outgoing links are 302 redirects how much of an impact do the redirects have vs direct links?
  15. dr_0x

    Lots of link juice coming from site like these?

    You are right, nothing really outgoing... Odd since the reason I was looking at it was by coming across it in ahrefs. I can't seem to re-trace my steps now to find it again. :/
  16. dr_0x

    [HELP] How do I write a python script

    It depends on the context. In some cases you have no choice but to use selenium. That choice is basically dictated by wether or not the page executes javascript in order to render the content or accomplish the task your after. A good rule of thumb is to start with requests and beautiful soup...
  17. dr_0x

    Is this important for rank google

    This might be the most important one. Generally, the most important content gets the most links. So adding links from other pages on our site to the page in question (internal links because they are from your site) lets the search engines know you value the content of that page. Links from other...
  18. dr_0x

    Lots of link juice coming from site like these?

    I'm curious if anyone know anything about sites like this one: I've noticed lots of these. Is this some kind of paid private network for SEO? I'm not sure I understand the point, or benefit or seo. If anyone has insight they can share it would be greatly appreciated.
  19. dr_0x

    The new DEATH BY CAPTCHA: Hybrid Human-OCR CAPTCHA Solving. $1.39/1K. 85% Correctness

    I'd like to try this service. Please PM details.
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