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  1. H2oBoy

    Bing + Clickbank

    Just got into using Bing myself and even w/a Bing Coupon and spending "house money", I'm getting clicks but no sales as of yet. Everyday I'm checking to see what Keywords are getting clicks and adjusting my bid if needed. I've got two ads for each campaign (split testing) and each campaign...
  2. H2oBoy

    A Guide For Making Money Online And Being A Winner

    Perfect timing for me to come across this, thanks for the reminder on what I should be doing! Loved the "Put all your eggs into one basket until you can afford to buy another basket" quote!
  3. H2oBoy

    Finding 3rd Party Websites That Use The Facebook Comment Plugin on Their Sites?

    Does anyone know of ANY resource that would show/provide you with a list of all the web sites out there that use the Facebook Comment Plugin? I've got few Fan Pages that I would like to drive traffic to doing comment posts on 3rd party sites like Diply/BuzzFeed, seeing as you're also abel to...
  4. H2oBoy

    How the HELL are these guys targeting me on Facebook? This is crazy!

    Check out this webinar replay that was emailed to me about a week ago... It's something called T-Rex software (?) that allows FB Marketers to target people w/a certain First/Last name... It's priced at $997 for now... Hope that helps? EDIT: Not quite sure...
  5. H2oBoy

    How to Choose CB products for Newbies - a 5 minute guide

    Haven't touched my CB Account for quite a while..over 1 year...would it be wise to create a new CB account and start from the beginning...or would I be "ok" with my current, very-very dormant account?
  6. H2oBoy

    Know of a Quick Way to Search FB Fan Pages for Timeline Photos?

    I'm looking to find a faster way of searching Facebook for leads who do NOT have a timeline photo on their fan pages... As of right now, I have a long Google syntax string that seems to work, but to go through the 100's of web pages it returns is not productive when it comes to time management...
  7. H2oBoy

    CB Account Has Been Dormant For Over A Year | Create New One Or Promote Under Current Acct

    Thanks for the replies folks.. I'll give it a go w/the current account and should I see any issues...I'll create a new one and start using that one!
  8. H2oBoy

    CB Account Has Been Dormant For Over A Year | Create New One Or Promote Under Current Acct my current CB account has been dormant for over a year...I want to get back to promoting some recent CB products and wanted to know if I should use my current account, or just create a new account? Have heard some 'stories' about dormant accounts just all of a sudden start seeing...
  9. H2oBoy

    FB Ads and the IM niche?

    Just a FYI...when you do get your ads approved, though I'm not sure why they're getting denied...but your costs will be LOWER if you keep your visitors ON FACEBOOK....Use something like 22Social to find out how...when you direct viewers AWAY from Facebook...costs go up! Good luck w/finding a...
  10. H2oBoy

    630 million dollars

    Picked up a few tickets today...been playing off/on over the last few weeks...last ticket that won was last week for $4.00 dollars! If I win..I'd go w/installments....hire CPA & an Attorney...Get out of debt...give at least 10% to off 20% of my yearly income...invest the...
  11. H2oBoy

    Show me your Desktops!

    Somewhat new laptop....running Win7...default "theme"...have icons hidden using "Stargate Fences"..
  12. H2oBoy

    What is the best way to auto schedule posts?

    Screw Hootsuite...opt for Post Planner... Hootsuite...about $9 a month and you can only post to 50 groups PostPlanner...$30 a month and you can post to 500 groups...includes 'branded post'..meaning, when you post, at the bottom of the post, it doesn't say "PostPlanner"..but whatever URL/Name...
  13. H2oBoy

    What software would you develop?

    Personally...I would develop a tool that would scape YT for links in the 'description'...there used to be some decent ones on the market a few years ago, but over time, with YT making changes, the coders themselves gave up...I'm still interested in partnering up w/those YT'ers who have high...
  14. H2oBoy

    Need Advice: Best Way To Approach "Rarely Updated" Local Business FB Fan Pages

    Yo..NetMoney.. Thanks for the reply...that's some great advice...gets me going in the right direction...! Thanks again!
  15. H2oBoy

    Need Advice: Best Way To Approach "Rarely Updated" Local Business FB Fan Pages

    Hey Folks, Lately I've come across a TON of local business here in my area who have FB Fan Pages and I see a lot of holes in their attempt to 'brand themselves' effectively within the local community. Some of the issues I'm seeing are pages that: 1. Don't have a Time Line Photo...that's a lot...
  16. H2oBoy

    How to set exact match keywords in the keyword planner?

    They did for awhile..but now, the "old" version is gone and it's just the new planner version...
  17. H2oBoy

    Anyone know of successful coaching / info based membership sites?

    You could try any of the following: Empower Network Neucopia PureLeverage All of which meet the criteria you've listed! Hope that helps?
  18. H2oBoy

    FB Lead Chef vd Social Lead Freak

    Bout' to get into some FB marketing...have looked at both FB Lead Chef & Social Lead Freak...looking for feedback from users of either as to why you went with the one you have, and why you think your version is better than the other one! Thanks!
  19. H2oBoy

    Anyone Have Experience With EZCPCZBroker?

    Looking to buy traffic...was recommended to look at ""...can't find really anything about the quality of their leads...was hoping maybe someone here might have used and if so, would you recommend them? Thanks!
  20. H2oBoy

    Have A Video SEO Question For Those Who Know The Answer

    Thanks for the feedback folks...much appreciate it! I think for the time being, I'll just stick w/"Keyword" in Title, Description and Tags and leave the 'stuffing' for Thanksgiving!
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