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  1. themidiman

    ScrapeBox the ULTIMATE SERP Scraper & Auto Blog Commenter with PRStorm Mode

    Is there any way to downgrade the learning mode poster to the old version? I use it to post to contact forms, and the new version is useless for that. Can't learn new platforms, as the field limitations in slow poster learning prevent that, and doesn't seem to be able to learn the submit button.
  2. themidiman

    Hostgator is terrible. Can anyone recommend a good web host?

    It's simple. You get what you pay for. If you don't want problems, and you take your business seriously, stop using these glorified reseller hosting companies, and get a real server from Rackspace or LiquidWeb.
  3. themidiman

    Please help how to mix up index.html and index.php

    Index files are directory specific. If you want index.html to load when you view, upload it into the document root for your site. ex. public_html. Then, if you want your blog to show on a subdomain, simply install Wordpress in the subdomain location. ex. public_html/subdomainfolder.
  4. themidiman

    Dedicated server has drops?

    Increasing MaxClients will not help at all, it will put more stress on the server than it's already experiencing. You have a ton of slow MySQL queries. Enable the slow query log to identifiy the slow queries and fix them. Enable Slow Query log Make the log file touch...
  5. themidiman

    Dedicated server has drops?

    Wordress site(s)? If so, doesn't look like you implement caching. Install w3 total cache or whatever you want to use. Also, next time you see mysql killing your cpu, run the command below and paste results here. mysqladmin pr stat
  6. themidiman

    Does anyone know how to set up custom name servers in ho-daddy?

    As long as you set your TTL's reasonably high, the load on the server from DNS requests should be minimal. Also, using two different IP's does absolutely nothing for redundancy if you are hosting your own DNS. Both IP's will resolve to your server, so if the server goes down, it won't matter...
  7. themidiman

    Hosting Sites on Different C-Class IP

    Yeah, getting c-class IP's from the same host is not really the best idea. You can whois an IP if you weren't already aware, and it's pretty damn easy for google to see that all the IP's are owned by the same hosting company. Big footprint. Get different hosting accts.
  8. themidiman

    [Hostgator] Heavy CPU problems. Who's responsible for this?

    Shared servers generally have serious computing and memory resources. If you're killing the load on a shared server, you'll likely do the same on a lower end VPS. Those traffic numbers are substantial, so you likely need a bigger server to handle it. Hostgator's VPS seem like a joke to me, so...
  9. themidiman

    Website public_html directory error...

    When you put the files in public_html, and navigate to the site, and it says "index of" and you can see the folders, what folder are you able to see? The public_html folder? If this is the case, it sounds like you are creating an extra public_html folder, which doesn't need to be done...
  10. themidiman

    Hosting For Forums

    How busy is your forum? $35 bucks is probably not enough for a headache free hosting experience. Also, from the stuff I've read on this forum, Hostwinds is anything but headache free. You get what you pay for in the hosting world. I would recommend at least a 4G 2-4CPU's VPS. Obviously, it...
  11. themidiman

    How To Design A Website ?

    You must walk before you can run. This can do many things.
  12. themidiman

    Showing wrong title in SERP

    Really don't think it's anything to worry about. Google is simply aware of your brand/company, so they show the name of your business when people are searching for your business specifically. I see the other title when searching for KW's you rank for, and your business name when searching for...
  13. themidiman

    [HELP] FML - Boss wants to change hosting last minute

    Well, if it's an actual CMS, you shouldn't need to know much PHP, as you should be able to edit the site via the back end. I looked at that CMS site, which product do they have? Premium looks like a full CMS, and there is also one that integrates with Drupal and Joomla. Most PHP CMS' operate...
  14. themidiman

    Self Hosting

    If you're keen on building your own machine, you can always use a hosting company that offers colocating. Basically you bring/ship your box to the hosting company, you use their network and power, but you have complete control of the hardware/software running on your server. You do need to...
  15. themidiman

    Scrapebox 90% Duplicate Urls / Domains

    Also, you need to use more specific keywords. General keywords that are similar are going to turn up the same results.
  16. themidiman

    Trying to install Elitius affiliate script, but have errors

    The most recent code you pasted shouldn't be edited with your Database info. Those are variables. There should be a line in the config file that sets a value for those variables. E.G. $mDbuser = 'Database User'; Also, have you made sure to assign the MySQL user to the database, and grant...
  17. themidiman

    Prviate domain registrar - Does one need private HOST as well???

    Yes, you will be fine with just enabling privacy on your domain. Any respectable hosting company will not divulge the information of their customers unless they are served with a subpoena.
  18. themidiman

    Question about index.html

    Check for another index file. Might be using an index.php, but some navigation links still point to index.html.
  19. themidiman

    Is it just me or is Bluehost getting really bad?

    They are probably just putting too many people on one shared box. Or, someone hosting on your box is hogging all the resources. Contact them, and ask them to look into it. Also, clearing the cache on any caching plugin you have will make the site load slower. Caching generates a static html...
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