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  1. Manu B

    Looking for 1 Fiverr review

    Hi, I am looking for a fiverr review. I will pay total $12 with paypal, which include the gig cost and payment. If you're interested please reply. Looking for non Indian/arabic accounts. I prefer EU and American acccounts. Thank you.
  2. Manu B

    Get Canva Education Account for Free- Free Canva Edu Invite For Everyone With Pro Features Enabled

    Hi. thanks for the giveaway. I've sent you pm wiht email.
  3. Manu B

    x10 Moz Pro Accounts giveaway

    I'd love ot have one. thanks.
  4. Manu B

    SITE BOLT Earn Passive Income Micro Niche Adsense & Amazon Sites Full SEO Guide!

    Hi there. can i see a sample and also coupon code. thank you.
  5. Manu B

    [Infographic] SEO 8 steps to success

    Infographic: 8 Steps to SEO Success
  6. Manu B

    Spotify premium for free!

    Hi thanks for the freebie. I am interested, if its still avialable.
  7. Manu B

    Anyone have a RankerX coupon code?

    Hi, these codes work if you've not purchased it before or used the trial. Just contact their customer service on chat on their website and they'll give you the monthly discount code.
  8. Manu B

    Free site reports from MOZ pro.

    I need.
  9. Manu B

    HYONIX |Windows VPS| 2 GB + 1 CORE | From 5.85$ | Optimized for SEO Tools, Bots

    Hi mate. I am trying to buy 4gb plan however its not active. When will that vps plan be ready to order?
  10. Manu B

    Amazon product Affiliate links redirecting to amazon homepage.

    Links has started to work.
  11. Manu B

    Amazon product Affiliate links redirecting to amazon homepage.

    Yep, you have to use proxy of Same country that the product can be shipped to to view the links it seems. I use epic privacy brower it comes with US proxies to visit and check my Amazon US affiliate links. If I don't ue proxies, it directs me to home page.
  12. Manu B

    Amazon product Affiliate links redirecting to amazon homepage.

    I think It has to do something with the IP of the country. If I visit the all product link work fine, but it redirects to product link. However, when I visited the same links using a US proxy Ip, they worked fine. So, it appears that amazon affiliate links are working fine...
  13. Manu B

    Amazon product Affiliate links redirecting to amazon homepage.

    Hey guys, I am experiencing weird problem today. When opening the Text or image link that Amazon creates, it just redirect me to homepage, not the product page. I've tried all, text, image links, and full link to the product page. It just redirect me to amazon homepage. :( Is anyone...
  14. Manu B

    [FREE] Canva PRO (Trial for 30 days Pre-Activated)

    Hi, thanks for the offer. can I get one account, if you're still offering it. Regards.
  15. Manu B

    xiaomi redmi phones

    Yes, I've been using Redmi note pro 5 for last 2 years. Time to buy their new release Redmi note pro 9 max. They re preselling it atm so its hard to get. I will buy when they release it for normal buy in next couple of months.
  16. Manu B

    100 Instagram followers for everyone

    Need followers. Thanks you so much.
  17. Manu B

    Spamming Wordpress comments

    For comment spamming they are most likely using Scrapebox. Pretty nifty software both for black hat and white hat seo.
  18. Manu B

    Is 2CAPTCHA down?

    Hi, When I try to open 2captcha website on my pc, it gives me error. "website refused connection". When I try to test the balance on rankerx it says " wrong credentials". Not sure what's going on. Is it happening to others too? I did password reset using a proxy browser, but so far haven't...
  19. Manu B

    My journey towards 100$ per day.

    Hey buddy can you send the link to goddisse method thread/ thanks?
  20. Manu B

    What exactly is an "Impression" in Google search console?

    Hi I am confused with what is an "impression" in google search console? Is it the number of times a person searched for that keyword and the website showed up in search result? Or is it something else? Because I have keywords with about 2000 impression with my website ranking on top 4-5 on...
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