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  1. sonyhp - SMM PANEL | Free Test | Buy Cheap Instagram - YouTube - Spotify - Twitter - TikTok And More! INSTANT & 24 HRS SUPPORT!

    Hello, I would like to test your services any review copy? would also use paypal in the future if you could add that for me too username: sonyhp
  2. sonyhp

    Traffic Spirit IPTS traffic bot - Trojan:Win32/CryptInject!ml

    When I tried running a fresh downloaded Traffic Spirit IPTS traffic bot, windows defender detected a "Trojan:Win32/CryptInject!ml." The bot was downloaded from it's official web site ipts dot com. Does any experience the same?
  3. sonyhp

    Telegram Autoposter Bot?

    Hi guys, I need to post messages to a number of Telegram Groups automatically. What's the best bot for that? Thanks for your help in advance!
  4. sonyhp | SMM Panel | Advanced Dripfeed Option | Non-Drop Youtube Views | HQ Instagram Followers | 200+ SMM Services

    hello, my username sonyhp please activate 1. reseller rates 2. paypal 3. can i test the review copy Thanks
  5. sonyhp

    How to Protect ENTIRELY my Ig Account

    I'd suggest to use the authenticator app installed on your mobile instead of the SMS verification. They can easily clone the sim and/or cancel yours and get a new one on their name from the phone provider.
  6. sonyhp

    Anyone still using jarvee?

    Hello all, Anyone still using jarvee for their SM audience growing? I used jarvee for a year, it was fine back then. Lately I noticed IG as targeting all of these bots! Is it still as functioning as it used to be?
  7. sonyhp

    A Cornish Dream

    Looks pretty! Are you staying on a static caravan on a caravan park?
  8. sonyhp

    Can anyone recommend a screenshot tool?

    I use "Awesome screenshot" chrome extension. You can try .
  9. sonyhp

    How to sell some business people the domain?

    I'd pay $100 per domain any of the listed below, let me know if you have any. It'd save you from cold emailing. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  10. sonyhp

    Nice to meet you in BHW

    Welcome Ellen. Any tips for us from your 7 years of work experience?
  11. sonyhp

    CheapSEOVPS Review. Do not buy service.

    I'd like to bring this to your attention It seems you'd get some extra works for next few days o_O
  12. sonyhp

    CheapSEOVPS offering Bribes to post Fake reviews on BHW.

    Just received a mail shot from asking to post fake positive reviews on BlackHatworld to get 50% discount. Here is the mass email i received from CheapSEOVPS asking to post fake reviews here. Do you own BlackhatWorld account if yes, then this discount is for you! Write one...
  13. sonyhp

    My store get an order from an Allianz bank advisor...

    Before placing the order with your supplier, ask him, if he's fine with the waiting time. Or just refund the money. He's not investigating you for tax purposes. I can assure you that. What products are you selling by the way?
  14. sonyhp

    Just want to share this with u

    He got to be one of the biggest fakes ..
  15. sonyhp

    InstantBizReviews **One Stop Solution for Reputation Management**

    hi is it $5 per review?
  16. sonyhp

    [Twitter] Your Account (@MyName) Is Currently Suspended - Help Appreciated

    It was suspended by bot, for their poorly written algorithm. Appeal it to be reviewed by a semi real robotic human.
  17. sonyhp - Boost Your Instagram,Facebook,Youtube,Twitter and other profiles in minutes!

    Can I have the bonus please. User: Sonyhp Also please allow paypal on my account. Thanks
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