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  1. frakln

    Journey to $25 and beyond/day with a Quiz site

    are you going to try paid ads?
  2. frakln

    Journey to $25 and beyond/day with a Quiz site

    great journey, how much are you making daily?
  3. frakln


    just make something up. try mobidea. im also learning cpa, want to learn together? pm me if so.
  4. frakln


    lovely journey, how much are u making rn per day?
  5. frakln

    VGMan Journe to 1K a Day Push Traffic Running Sweeps.

    Following, hope you the best of luck!
  6. frakln

    What do you think about my Website Earnings?

    what kind of website is it?
  7. frakln

    Journey to make a dream come true

    UPDATE 2020/11/11 So after a while of thinking and reading I decided that I will try paid traffic as my traffic source first. Since it's really hard to spam in instagram and/or fb nowadays, nor is it consistent if profitable, I will use paid traffic. I will apply for maxbounty network soon...
  8. frakln

    [Free Giveaway] 100 Facebook Accounts

    Interested, thank you for doing this:)
  9. frakln

    Hey I’m a 20yr I’d make from the US

    Hey! Hope you find your answers here!
  10. frakln

    Best paid traffic for movie streaming site?

    Any other, different ideas?
  11. frakln

    Best paid traffic for movie streaming site?

    Hey, I wonder what is the best traffic source for micro streaming site? Does bing ad allow this kind of niche? Would push or pop work with this? Thanks for the replies and suggestions!
  12. frakln


    hi, have you ran it already? how is it? any updates?
  13. frakln

    Hello to all of you!

    Hey, welcome. Hope you have a great time here!
  14. frakln

    [Journey] Clickbank and Digistore, 3k A Month by February 2021

    what kind of paid traffic are you using?:)
  15. frakln

    Can i shorten clickbank url with

    Yes you can, don't worry about bans or anything else. GL
  16. frakln

    Movie or Sports Full automated website script- my experience story

    thats good news, could you suggest any traffic for promoting movies?
  17. frakln

    Journey to £5000.00 building websites / selling leads

    I wish the best of luck to you
  18. frakln

    Wish me Good Luck, Guys

    stay safe and strong!
  19. frakln


    whats your fb daily budget?
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