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  1. rootkat

    Mailing postcards question

    Sweet! Thanks for the awesome advice everyone. :) Many thanks. I didn't know USPS did that, I'll check it out. --RK
  2. rootkat

    Mailing postcards question

    Hey all, Printing postcards is easy: Find local print shop (or online.... whatever) print The thing I'm stuck on, is: how to I get addresses on thousands of postcards? I have a fair grasp of my action plan and I have a strategy worked out for testing the direct mailing water ...
  3. rootkat

    Should I buy .me, . Org or .net?

    In terms of SEO ... it doesn't really matter. People look at .com as most reliable. After that: .net and .org. I wouldn't suggest .me unless you're making a catchy name out of it like "" or what not. It's my personal preference, not anything to do with science or statistics to back that...
  4. rootkat

    OutRank Your Every Competitor NOW !! for Free

    I'll reserve a spot. I have a few sites I wouldn't mind help with. If this works out, you and I will have to talk to setup a contract for plenty of sites. Lots of work coming your way.
  5. rootkat

    For the love of ... Stop idiot scrapebox spamming you moron!

    @MainGuy1984: Yeah I know, I shouldn't spend my energy ranting about it. Though, it's just nice once in a while to vent. @loopline: Yup, I spammed myself in the beginning as well. Was a good learning experience to find out what gets caught, what doesn't. I eventually learned that if I won't...
  6. rootkat

    For the love of ... Stop idiot scrapebox spamming you moron!

    Alright peeps, I have a bone to pick with the Scrapebox virgins. I know I'm not exactly Mr. Popular 'round these parts, nor am I an expert in BH stuff. Though, one thing I am good at is group theory and very decently high observations skills/ability. Now, I know newbies make mistakes. We...
  7. rootkat

    Facebook Sues Maxbounty

    That just means that Facebook wants all the blackhat tricks to be their own. They don't want anyone else screwing users except themselves. Wonder if the two recent Senators (don't remember the link to the story) will be able to do anything about it. --RK
  8. rootkat

    Come up with the funniest BHW meaning =)

    Batman's Hardy Wiseasses
  9. rootkat

    Selling facebook accounts with 2k, 3k and 5k friends

    Ordered some accounts. E-mailed them right away after payment. Very detailed .xls file. Great detail and all the jazz. My only complaint would be that the .xls file it comes with needs a bit too much extra work to fit right into any application (such as FFAP). Also, phone number isn't included...
  10. rootkat

    (Request) Facebook Fanpage Templates

    I have a service website dedicated to just that. Not going to self advertise here, but if you're looking for "creative" Static FBML designs ... you are not going to get any 'free' unless someone shares them here. My site shares a few basic ones which then filter into my newsletter and sales...
  11. rootkat

    Benefits of Linux

    Linux has no benefits except that 'maybe' it's a little bit faster .... though stacked up one right to the other, you can compile something just as fast in windows as you can in linux. But to me linux "feels" faster in many ways. Also, you have ''security through obscurity". Since most viruses...
  12. rootkat

    I dont like being pink : (

    Don't be hatin'! It takes a very confident man to wear pink in public! Go git' 'em tiger ;-) mreow.
  13. rootkat

    [NEW] Google Announces Google Instant , Streaming Search Results.

    The results are all the same, though only the interface has changed. Thankfully not much has changed in terms of html code that we see so scrapers/programs/whatever will still work or might need only minor changes. Personally I rather dislike it. They could have at least made it fade between...
  14. rootkat

    most RiDICULOUS IM sales Phrases !

    "It's SOO easy even my dog could do it." from BHW: "Right now this product selling for $297, today it's yours FREE"! (free as in beer of course!).
  15. rootkat

    Recommendation Needed for Shopping Cart w/Digital Delivery & PayPal

    This isn't exactly a 'simple' solution, but trying using Magento. It's free and an amazing piece of software. Though you'll want to end your life after trying to configure it.... best to outsource that. Though the great side of it, is that it's highly customizable AND very expandable for...
  16. rootkat

    To all the newbie Scrapebox user's ...

    Scrabebox proxies? Try using the built in proxy scraper to find some decent proxies. Though if you mean private proxies, hmm, I can't recommend anything specific but there is a Scrabebox proxy host floating around here on BHW. Try them. I rank by linking to the site in the "website" field...
  17. rootkat

    To all the newbie Scrapebox user's ...

    I can't deny the fact that is CAN work. I just don't subscribe to that pathetic method. The more links the better, that's true. Though there are always exceptions to every rule, including the quality rule. It's very possible they spammed anything and everything while keeping it 'under the...
  18. rootkat

    To all the newbie Scrapebox user's ...

    For the love of everything which is holy and binary: stop spamming useless crap (and shitty comments) to blogs. Why? Because not only does it waste bandwidth, annoys people and is not helpful to you at all ... it's just plain dumb and ruins proxies & and experience for everyone. So let me...
  19. rootkat

    How To Erase Whole Database While Keeping Style/Setup?

    Hey guys and gals, I've searched a bit, though I'm not great at searching, for a way to delete every comment, post, category and tag from the WP database. Yeah, I can do this by deleting the WP install and dropping in something fresh, but then I loose the setup settings. The theme can...
  20. rootkat Domain

    The simple answer is this: You cannot get a free .info domain using any 'normal' venues. That said, you can get a free domain by doing one of the following: Ewhoring (pretending to be a female in distress and having someone buy one for you) Have a nice friend buy one for you Ask parents/family...
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