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  1. Madruga

    OPENAI said something "funny" about BHW

    BlackHatWorld is a forum notorious for its discussions on "black hat" techniques, which often involve strategies that may go against the terms of service or guidelines set by search engines, social media platforms, and other online entities. These tactics can include activities like spamming...
  2. Madruga

    Why work hard your ass off for this worthless world?

    This is correct. Thinking in one's national currency is bad for many reasons, this topic is beautiful and complex actually. For someone with a different currency by default, thinking in dollars allows one to raise their standard. Many years ago when I began my journey, the amount of money I was...
  3. Madruga

    2030 great reset

    The narrative used will be made in such a way that people will think everything they are sold to is good for them through mainstream media. People don't use their brain because of always being told what to do and think. And because of being stupid and gullible.
  4. Madruga

    Stop Overpaying For AI Writers ⛔⛔ Get Your Own AI Writer Right Now ✅ Fine-Tuned Model ✅ Any Use-Case ❤️

    2. I can, yes, however that takes way too long and it's way more expensive than you'd think. To make a good parapgrasing/rewriting feature that actually does everything properly gets super expensive as it takes me probably around 15-18 days. Well that's it! I understand this: EXPENSIVE + TIME...
  5. Madruga

    Elon Musk or You Keep on Being a Moron no Matter How Much Money You've Made

    Musk did a PayPal chargeback on OP
  6. Madruga

    1K USD Earn ✅ Proven AI Auto Blogging Case Study ✅ 99K Keywords and 48K Traffic According to Ahref ✅ GPT-3 AI Auto Blogging Site Within 2 Months

    Looks nice, you should think about organizing yourself to be able to scale this to 10-15 more websites for a start. 100 dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A thousand a day First site is more important because of all the time spent to figure some things out and building your own blueprint...
  7. Madruga

    Stop Overpaying For AI Writers ⛔⛔ Get Your Own AI Writer Right Now ✅ Fine-Tuned Model ✅ Any Use-Case ❤️

    Sounds good, going to work with you on fine tuning a couple specific models. Do we get instructions and good luck, or can you also offer assistance for a more in-depth customization? Really happy that you posted this thread.
  8. Madruga

    Google Play Spam 2022

    Regarding 1., it's something I'm paranoid about myself, launching soon a new app and I am thinking that as I will go with paid ads in the beginning, when I will stop, naturally the install numbers will decrease as well, but what if there is an algorithm that will put me in worse shoes than...
  9. Madruga

    What should I tell in my first YouTube daily vlog?

    Good idea. Or you can go wild 2022 style make creepy cringe videos to get a hundred k views in a week. The sky is the limit. A nephew of mine started a vlog by recording his grandpa snoring and trying to study, a sort of Lo Fi Girl from YouTube, except it's snoring ASMR in the background and him...
  10. Madruga

    Google Play Spam 2022

    I can't answer your question but I can tell you this. Many times throughout the years I was doing specific methods which were banking hard, meanwhile there were all sorts of opinions about the method itself, and I was always intrigued by the fact that many people forget that their own twists and...
  11. Madruga

    Do you feel Bank staffs/Office Staffs are Rude

    Wake up every morning and stay indoors all day, then go home while the sun is setting or already gone. It's clear, man. They have low levels of Vitamin D, and from that they have mood swings and depressive states. They need some milk.
  12. Madruga

    Youtube Shorts Update... Its over.

    The YouTube AI platform is designed to blacklist certain videos at a high level. This means that even if you change the hash, add a different watermark, change the resolution, audio, or color, the video will still be detected. In this case, fresh new videos are needed. I remember testing this...
  13. Madruga

    Free AI Text to Image Generator

    mijourney is sick. free with trial for new disc accs
  14. Madruga

    What's your experience growing your personal brand? ROI? Create a website for it?

    Fake it 'till you make it. They started that way.
  15. Madruga

    Blackhat Forum VS Warrior Forum

    BHW: this is how you do x to get y WF: it can't be done
  16. Madruga

    Do you Think it's Possible to rank over Gov Sites on google Search?

    I'm thinking you are competing against Natural Authority rather than backlinks profile and classic Authority, so perhaps the way to go is optimizing your Authority presence in this context is through a backlink profile from edu and gov sites to obtain context authority. Can be done but not an...
  17. Madruga

    [GUIDE] How to grow your YouTube account in 2022

    Thank you. I will serve your post as dinner for my AI :smirk:
  18. Madruga

    Monetizing a big subreddit?

    There are literally a ton of escort agency sites for each country with various cities, you could contact them for affiliate purposes perhaps? They are like legal pimps.
  19. Madruga

    ✳️ Any of you offering promos through your subreddit? ✳️

    There should be a SMM site for this reason alone. Anyone with all sort of subreddits can join and display their pricing and stats, pretty much like shoutouts on IG but a bit different. I don't have the time to do it, but someone will for sure :rolleyes:
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