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  1. Magic555

    Socialpire Reddit Bot - 3 Day Free Trial

    Interested in the free trial
  2. Magic555


    Hey i bought some accs still didnt get them delivered its been almost 24 hours
  3. Magic555

    Resigning, 150 million Scraped Emails from Instagram

    I'm interested! It would be really great to get a copy of the DB
  4. Magic555

    Problem creating Twitter Accounts

    Are you using 4g proxies? your fingerprint is probably banned
  5. Magic555

    NSFW twitter shadowbans

    All NSFW content? Im looking for platforms other than reddit to get nsfw traffic from thought twitter might be a good idea
  6. Magic555

    NSFW twitter shadowbans

    Are you growing new accounts or do you run a old account? Also do NSFW hashtags work anymore?
  7. Magic555

    A clever (and cheap) way to build an email list using BHW.

    The worst part about giving out my email is that the content they sent was just shared to get my email and almost every single time it has been crap content
  8. Magic555

    Porn allowed on Tumblr again

    To little too late. Idk why companies make such drastic change then make a pikachu face when it backfires
  9. Magic555

    NSFW twitter shadowbans

    I thought about growing some NSFW twitter accounts doing the same stuff i used to do using hashtags and nsfw pics but its almost like every single post is getting shadow banned? How do you grow nsfw accounts on twitter these days?
  10. Magic555

    Hello, I’m interested in bots

    Do you want to code your own tools or buy them?
  11. Magic555

    Why do People HATE Elon Musk so much?

    I used to be a huge fan of Elon but I cant help but sometimes just see a manchild throwing tantrums when things don't go his way. Sure he might be good with business but he is often full of shit. Here's a example His "qualifications" Plus people are starting to figure out he really was a...
  12. Magic555

    Jarvee Service Permanently Closed,What's a better alternative?

    Its for the best I have no idea why people continued using such a outdated internal system. They were using useragents and private apis in such a obvious way it didn't make any sense why would anyone use them.
  13. Magic555

    What do you guys think it's the best way to make 250$ in 1 Month ?

    The supply is huge but so is the demand. AI articles don't work for most niches of content writing. The barrier for entry is low but theres a lack of quality writers at low rates.
  14. Magic555

    I Need 100$ ASAAAAPP !!!!

    How much did you pay the freelancer?
  15. Magic555

    I Need 100$ ASAAAAPP !!!!

    Your blog has 4 articles and you already slapped it with adsense? Your content quality looks decent though did you write it yourself?
  16. Magic555

    What do you guys think it's the best way to make 250$ in 1 Month ?

    Do you have any skill you would like to sell? There's a huge demand for writers and VAs these days if you can work at low rates.
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