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  1. Caspooor

    Does anyone yet watch WWE?

    I just watch Randy Orton's segments and that's it.
  2. Caspooor


    Just placed an order and excited! Transaction ID: 1GW0xxxxxxxxx863B
  3. Caspooor

    My 2022 Earnings With 3 Years Of Experience

    My question to OP as well.
  4. Caspooor

    Will this method work? Can I stay in those countries forever without getting visa at all?

    What are those 3 countries if you don't mind?
  5. Caspooor

    Why am I getting these 301 blogspot backlinks?

    Doubt it. I have another website with the same 301 from "ourlife1"....
  6. Caspooor

    Why am I getting these 301 blogspot backlinks?

    As seen in the above image, I see this weird 301 backlinks from blogspots I have no idea about. It's not just links, it's redirections! It's a new website as well so, why am I getting these? did my website get hacked or something? EDIT: I have another website with the same 301 links from...
  7. Caspooor

    How to make your site load like a Rocket

    Is Runcloud's support good?
  8. Caspooor

    Real Madrid in the finals if crazy had a definition then this was a crazy match

    4 - 0 Even in their strongest form, they are still Barcelona's bch.
  9. Caspooor

    [POLL] Best free control panel?

    Thanks for your reply. I've read bad things about the security of CP & aaP. Are they vulnerable or I shouldn't be too worried?
  10. Caspooor

    [POLL] Best free control panel?

    What's in your opinion the best free control panel in 2022? Secure, easy to navigate, features. etc.. Check poll.
  11. Caspooor

    Is Jasper worth it?

    Never used it before and was wondering if it was worth the price? Does it produce good content?
  12. Caspooor

    Girl that sold 50k worth of farts - now hospitalized

    Why would anyone buy jar full of farts? I mean does the smell stays there after some time?
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