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  1. Cutoff

    SpamZilla - Search Millions of Domains with Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SEMRush & SpamZilla Data!

    Please can send me discount?
  2. Cutoff

    Amazon redirect 301 affiliate link

    I don't know Geniuslink, but I can tell you that the websites I'm talking about work like this: Link button > 301 subdomain (or another site) > Amazon product page. I believe it's used to prevent Google from understanding that the link directs to Amazon, but I don't understand what they use.
  3. Cutoff

    Amazon redirect 301 affiliate link

    Hello, I've noticed that some large affiliate websites associated with Amazon, when clicking on the affiliate link, instead of directly going to the Amazon product page, activate a 301 redirect that leads to a subdomain of the site (or another site) and then to Amazon. How do they manage to do...
  4. Cutoff

    Doubt about Google penalty for purchased backlinks.

    Hello guys, I was wondering something: I bought 10 backlinks, and each backlink was added to an already written article on 10 different sites (no text was added, only the link to an existing word). Each backlink points to a different article on my site, making a total of 10 articles. Do you...
  5. Cutoff

    Strange Link Spam

    Backlink to 404 page no have effect and Google ignore this
  6. Cutoff

    Strange Link Spam

    @cherub not in semrush. I can see this backlinks only in google search console
  7. Cutoff

    Strange Link Spam

    Yes kava, the same identhic case. You have lost traffic after receive this links?
  8. Cutoff

    Strange Link Spam

    30000 domains with redirect link Bing from many sites how Forbes, Wikipedia, reddit, wordpress, is impossible of disavow. If I go to the page of site the backlink not redirect to my site, but in the original site linked . How work this spam? Is the first time i have view this
  9. Cutoff

    Strange Link Spam

    Same problem. I have received the same number of link from Bing redirect
  10. Cutoff

    Affected by the September Helpful Content Update? What have you noticed? This is mine;

    Could the fact that Mediavine sites offer the option to subscribe to newsletters be relevant? These are all carefully selected and generally of high quality, but Google wants to eliminate all websites in order to provide direct answers with its AI. However, if some sites have newsletters, users...
  11. Cutoff

    Google Helpful Update 2023: Could This Be the Collapse of Independent and Niche Publishing?

    You are absolutely right. Once the publishers have been eliminated because it will no longer make sense for us to write to only make Google earn since it takes away all our traffic, they will be able to use this as an excuse if accused of incorrect behavior and abuse of a dominant position...
  12. Cutoff

    link to homepage are not counted in google search console

    The only anomaly for me is the drop in the number of links
  13. Cutoff

    link to homepage are not counted in google search console

    My traffic is -8% and you?
  14. Cutoff

    link to homepage are not counted in google search console
  15. Cutoff

    link to homepage are not counted in google search console

    Is a bug of gsc confirmed by Muller
  16. Cutoff

    Help Redirect 301 with wordpress from home page expired domain to internal page money site

    Hi, what redirect 301 i can use for redirect the home page of expired domain to a internel page of the money site? I have used this and work, but have remove all the backlinks in google search console <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteRule ^/?$ [R=301,L,NC] If...
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