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  1. Queen Heidi

    Started a new instagram account? How can I grow it?

    Consistency is the key for you. You can use the trending music to your reels and make content regarding the current happenings. Your visuals should be attractive. And make sure your posting everyday without fail. You can get hype within month.
  2. Queen Heidi

    Where to buy Instagram accounts? and a couple questions.

    Make a post in want to buy section. There you will reach out to a correct person.
  3. Queen Heidi

    Running 100 Instgrams

    Hire bots.
  4. Queen Heidi

    How to auto-follow someone's followers?

    There is no option. Either you have to do it manually or you need hire someone. If your following more than 100 at a time the Instagram will warn you and will think you as a bot.
  5. Queen Heidi

    Which is better, guest posting or PBN?

    Go with guest post.
  6. Queen Heidi

    Warm up facebook account!!!!

    Good one.
  7. Queen Heidi

    What is your best childhood memory?

    I celebrated a fake birthday in front of the school assembly.
  8. Queen Heidi

    Spotify botting still an option?

    Yes it still works.
  9. Queen Heidi

    New member here

    Welcome to the battle mate.
  10. Queen Heidi

    MY NSFW 7 STATS: I will call it a win

    Oh wow that's awesome mate. Congrats!
  11. Queen Heidi

    How to make 100$ in les than 2 weeks online?

    Try Upwork and fiverr .
  12. Queen Heidi

    Is forum submission still works?

    Yes. If it is relevant to the niche.
  13. Queen Heidi

    [GIVE AWAY] 50 Aged Quora Accounts

  14. Queen Heidi

    How to upload full movie on youtube?

    You can edit the whole video and can post. But you cannot get any monetization I think.
  15. Queen Heidi

    how can i buy semrush for cheap?

    Search in the market place section you find what you want.
  16. Queen Heidi

    MagicBox - SEO Tool (Open Source)

    That's great mate.
  17. Queen Heidi

    YouTube Copyright Strike - Adsense Payment

    Yes you will receive.
  18. Queen Heidi

    SEO Tips To Get More Traffic

    I agree with this.
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