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  1. jsurya

    [JOURNEY] - YouTube Automation - DOCUMENTATION

    Some viral shorts may have copyright... so, it may affect while reviewing your account for monetization.. only the shorts to be deleted, your subs will remain..if you have original shorts, then that's ok.
  2. jsurya

    [JOURNEY] - YouTube Automation - DOCUMENTATION

    Getting subscribers is pretty easy.. just post some viral shorts... you will get lots of subscribers.. before getting approval delete those shorts..
  3. jsurya

    [JOURNEY] - YouTube Automation - DOCUMENTATION

    What's your status now... close to reach the required hours for monetization?
  4. jsurya


    Review: I received the Test Balance of $1 to check the service... I tried for Youtube views and Likes for 2K views Views took 2-3 days like drip fee and its been 4 days now, the views are still there, no drops. (have to check later on) Received 40-50 likes,but dropped to 10 likes now..
  5. jsurya

    The best strategy to invest in crypto

    My strategy: 20 - 20 1. I invest only in BTC. 2. Since, you are going to invest 150 USD each month, buy at current level, wait for correction about 20% from your first purchase, then buy again on that low price. (i.e. if you bought first 150 USD BTC @ 50000, then buy again @ 40000 if it falls...
  6. jsurya

    [Journey] To make 100 euro /month Adsense - >_<

    Nice journey! Do you link your website directly on facebook groups or cloaking? As I heard, they ban the third party domain links soon!!
  7. jsurya

    Facebook Groups: Marking Posts As Announcements Gets More Members

    Do you manage to get the option for all the page profiles to join in the groups? As some of my pages are not showing up while joining in groups and can only join with personal profile!
  8. jsurya

    OMG Can't Belive This Possible 500k + Views in Empty YouTube Channel ,You Gotta To Check This out.

    That's why he is smart by deleting the video within 24-48 hours before getting strike. Only sometimes you will get strike immediately after upload, but most of the times it will take sometime to get a copyright, still its a risky one, especially getting monetization approved is very tough these...
  9. jsurya

    OMG Can't Belive This Possible 500k + Views in Empty YouTube Channel ,You Gotta To Check This out.

    Check the community tab on his channel here He shares the video to this Subs and deletes the videos later on and also some videos were removed due to copyright. Another channel here
  10. jsurya

    YouTube $250+ a day Money Making Machine

    Recently, Youtube blocked monetization for several accounts and I like to know is sillywalks youtube accounts are still safe enough?
  11. jsurya

    Adsense-Youtube payment not issued in June - Could be the new terms ?

    Just got PI few hours back for both May and June earnings, hope everyone got as well :)
  12. jsurya

    Adsense-Youtube payment not issued in June - Could be the new terms ?

    Any one got paid this month July 2015 for youtube earnings?
  13. jsurya

    Adsense-Youtube payment not issued in June - Could be the new terms ?

    Its not clear, what's the reason behind this non-payment in June by Google. In their support forum, some people got reply from google support as, 'there is some investigation going on their adsense accounts for traffic quality check' and some other says, because of new terms we get paid only...
  14. jsurya

    6 Years On BHW!

    Its not important how many years been in this forum, but the success talks..! you deserved it..! I am just making here and there lol ;)
  15. jsurya

    As a large YouTube Network Owner, My advice and tips on YouTube and how it works.

    I am bit confused here.. can you show me some reference as youtube adsense is mostly PPC based? As for as I knew, even if you're directly having account in adsense or joined network the earnings algo works the same. I have youtube channels both in direct adsense account and in network...
  16. jsurya

    [WTA] Where I can Join MCN Youtube Network without requirements

    Before I got invitation within 24 hours from Freedom, but I added 3 more channels 2 months back, but no invitation till now! All are in good standing!!
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