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    trackback/pingback via xmlrpc

    Were you sucesfully able to post a trackback with that tutorial?
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    My wife just left me...

    We'll said. Right now, I'm working full time for an agency. I do all this in my spare time. Will I ever make enough to quit my job, no, probably not. But if anything, I love doing this, and it's more of a hobby for me. Just work on it in your spare time. That's what i do, finally made my...
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    Quit STEALING immediately.

    Man, screw this lady. Let's all start ripping her content. :)
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    piqq invite

    damm, they're all already used. Any more?
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    Goog Ping List

    Excellent, thanks. Sarcasm aside from your post, i did try searching. But was worried that some of the post i found, contained older urls, etc. Anyways, thanks!
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    [REQ] AutoBlogged version 2.4.22

    Trying this out right now, thanks sooo much
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    piqq invite

    I'd love to hop in on this, but I'm stuck at 19 friends on stumble. Anyone wanna send me a friend request? adploits1
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    Question about post being d-indexed

    yeah, I wasn't even using autoblog though. I actually came up with my own content.
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    Goog Ping List

    Does anyone know of a good ping list other than the default for wordpress?
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    Question about post being d-indexed

    Ok, not sure why this would happen. We'll, I think I might know, but not exactly sure. Anyways, I had a post that I made last Friday Night, and on Saturday and Sunday I was turning in some good traffic. On Saturday, had over 1600 hits to the post, and on Sunday, over 1300 hits. Sunday, I...
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    [REQ] AutoBlogged version 2.4.22

    tdlovepc - just sent you an email
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    [REQ] Onetheme 1.1.4

    Does anyone have the lastest onetheme, version 1.1.4? thanks
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    Free StumbleUpon Friends

    hey guys, accepted a couple of invites. I'm at 18, can acouple of you help me out getting to 20? thanks adploits1
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    AutoBlogged WP Plugin worth it to buy?

    yeah, thats the only down side with wp-o-matic, no automatic tags
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    [REQ] AutoBlogged version 2.4.22

    any update on this?
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    Free StumbleUpon Friends

    Just added everyone on this last page, can you check your inboxes and accept. If I didnt add you by chance, send me a request. adploits1
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    [REQ] AutoBlogged version 2.4.22

    man, if we can get a copy of this, that'd be awesome.
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    StumbleUpon Friends Round 2

    Hey everybody, went through and sent everybody friend request, can you please accept them? from adploits1
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    Help with WP Spinner

    You dont like it, mmmm. Maybe I should use something else then. What are you using?
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