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  1. flx89

    Earned 500$ dollars first day on ebay! whats next? :)

    Remove your limits and repeat the process.
  2. flx89

    "5 minutes of traffic"

    I am interested to check this. What you need from me? Sending you a PM
  3. flx89

    FB Like vs Share

    Shares are more important. But only if they are 100% real...not from the cheap useless fiverr gigs
  4. flx89

    Your views on lightbox popups?

    If you want to add a pop-up, make it appear after one minute. I used to have a facebook pop-up, but eventually decided to go for one to collect emails.
  5. flx89

    Should I use new domain now? I am tired of trying to recover my site

    just start over. It's easier to start with a new blog than recover a website penalized both by Penguin and Panda.
  6. flx89

    Help moneysite has been deindexed

    If you decided to move your website, check Matt's video here: and then keep track of your backlinks with Tools like Monitor
  7. flx89

    Looking for gradual Twitter Followers . . .

    there's no such thing as "real followers" for 10$...seriously.
  8. flx89

    how soon after you build a site do you start backlinking?

    first concentrate on content. You can think about link building after you will have 50-100 quality articles.
  9. flx89

    Can Pinterest pictures be reused ??

    just place a link to the sources of your pins.
  10. flx89

    Journey to $500/Day [Adsense & Sport Trading]

    good luck with that :)
  11. flx89

    Need Monthly SEO Service that WORKS!

    with 100$ / month, you better grab some good SEO tools and start doing SEO yourself
  12. flx89

    Any black hat SEO TOOLS for Mac OSX ?

    link assistant is the only one I know
  13. flx89

    what program is this

    yes that's Scrapebox and it can be used for many types of platforms, including blogspot
  14. flx89

    What is everyone using to find keywords?

    I like Semrush and Market Samurai
  15. flx89

    [Magic Hat Blogs Network] more than 1000 blog posts starting from 30$

    We are not taking new orders for a few days! All current orders will be submitted in the coming days. We will let you know when we will be back!
  16. flx89

    [Magic Hat Blogs Network] more than 1000 blog posts starting from 30$

    replied to your PM's :) Your order was submitted today, as mentioned via PM
  17. flx89

    [Magic Hat Blogs Network] more than 1000 blog posts starting from 30$

    You have been banned on a different forum already because you tried to scam sellers. Do you really want to get banned here too? Thanks marlin, got both of your orders!
  18. flx89

    [Magic Hat Blogs Network] more than 1000 blog posts starting from 30$

    You are trying to scam sellers. GO AWAY! The TURN AROUND TIME IS 5-10 business days... good luck finding somebody that can deliver in 24 hours.
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