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  1. loophole

    Enjoying Self Quarantine, What about you..?

    You don't need the gym or dumb bells for a workout. Your body is a weight on its own which can give you plenty of lifting to do for all the muscles in your body. Google how to use own body for fitness. Or checkout training program by Shaun T called "Hiphop abs"
  2. loophole

    What are best places to buy PPC traffic for PUA website?

    Folks, I have a pick up artist (PUA) focused website. I want to push a well-crafted sales letter that I have tested and converts profitably. What good PPC sites would you recommend? The big brothers (Google and Facebook) are pious nowadays, they don't want PUA stuff.
  3. loophole

    Enjoying Self Quarantine, What about you..?

    A dedicated internet marketer lives in self-quarantine anyway.
  4. loophole

    USA is now the world leader in having the most corona virus cases..!

    It's the death rate that matters. Not the infection rate. The more people get infected BUT NOT DYING the better for the population, as it helps the population develop herd immunity.
  5. loophole

    Considering a $3000 loan for Facebook ads

    He has a job. It's typical employee mindset to borrow money for anything.
  6. loophole

    Don't Pitch The Bitch

    Old thread I know. It's important to count the context. In the Boiler Room (2000) movie, "don't pitch a bitch" was specifically for stocks BECAUSE stocks have ups and downs like a roller coaster, and it was suggested that women are not cut for such a roller coaster ride typical of the stock...
  7. loophole

    Anybody got a PREMIUM account?

    Need to rent one for a short while to download some 4 GB of data. Tried to buy one but their payments cart is screwed up.
  8. loophole

    Looking for camera systems and black box systems for car

    Hello, I am seeking for the best solution for a camera to use in recording videos in my car. For instance there's a clip here: any idea what cameras they are using? Also if you know the best dual rear-view and front-view camera...
  9. loophole

    How To Get Optimized Press For Just $5

    What would you suggest in stead? And would you say the same for the new OP2?
  10. loophole

    Wanted: Someone to set up Interspire Email Marketer with Amazon SES SMTP

    Hello, I am looking for someone who know how to properly set up Interspire Email Marketer so that it uses Amazon SES SMTP gateway. The set up must be optimized for maximum sending speed and inbox hit rate. Regards
  11. loophole

    My conversation with an email IEM pro

    Hello Matt, thanks for sharing. As for links in stead of deleting them you could edit them by replacing say dots with stars. I am interested to get the info you have edited out.
  12. loophole

    Stuff you can do with $1,000

    Wow! wow! wow! Here's an exciting war game. How or where can I get these US tech wizards .... imagine if they were available for other outsourcing projects.
  13. loophole

    Who Wants To Extort Somebody?

    Folks, Look at this picture ... --- Source: ... and NameCheap
  14. loophole

    Anyone Use Digital Access Pass As A Membership Plugin?

    Hey Netpup and Ravi, Is this page made by DAP only? Or does it use some other script / custom coding?
  15. loophole

    Make Passive Income & Join the New Rich with Niche Sites!! Quality Upgraded!!

    Hello, This sounds interesting. I would like to see some sample sites. Thanks.
  16. loophole

    Make Passive Income & Join the New Rich with Niche Sites!! Quality Upgraded!!

    Hello, This sounds interesting. I would like to see some sample sites. Thanks.
  17. loophole

    The Larger Black Hat Movement

    I wasn't aware there was this wider Black Hat Movement... Anybody been there?
  18. loophole

    This Is Crazy !!

    A million dollars investment into a password storage website? I can't figure who or why would anyone want to hand over their usernames and passwords to these fellas (or anyone...
  19. loophole

    Hostwinds Exclusive Offers for BlackHatWorld Members Only!

    Hello folks ... all those who have had bad experience with Hostwinds and switched, where did you switch to? I see BHW is hosted at, and I thought Hostwind would be the perfect place for forum hosting. But I see lots and lots of complaints. So where did you guys switch to so that...
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