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    BitCoin Insane profit!

    I don't understand how seemingly intelligent people can in good conscience make posts like this. The original poster is talking about the present value of bitcoins. At present, I can obtain one bitcoin either by mining it or by paying approximately $700 USD. If the electricity and use of...
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    YLH & AMF negative points

    It is weird, but - if you think about it - they are doing you a favor. They are loaning you extra views that you don't have to pay for til later. It's actually faster, not slower.
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    Amazon traffic question

    This post got me interested, so I did a little searching. It seems that if they catch you they will suspend your account because it's basically cookie stuffing.
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    God damn 1&1 sucks!

    I had a lot of problems canceling a domain with 1&1.They tried to send me to a debt collection agency; I only managed to get out of it because I was under 18.
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    Idea to make a little extra on ebay sales...

    thanks guys for saying so :)
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    Idea to make a little extra on ebay sales...

    I believe it works with both auctions and buy-it-now. I haven't made much yet, I just started using my account again and have been trying to figure out ideas on how to get referrals.
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    Idea to make a little extra on ebay sales...

    It looks like BigCrumbs is available for a few other countries, notably: the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and Canada.
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    Idea to make a little extra on ebay sales...

    Hey guys, I don't really do any ebay selling myself but I think there's a pretty easy way to earn some affiliate revenue from it. 1. Sign up for BigCrumbs (I'd really appreciate it if you'd put in domchristopher as the referrer) 2. When finalizing a sale, mention that they could have earned...
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    badoo found out i was spamming am i fucked?

    I seriously doubt they report every incident to the authorities, especially given that the response was automated. However, to be on the safe side set your wireless network to "open" and be ready to wipe your hard drive - you can always argue that somebody connected to your network.
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    Twitter and Banning?

    Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, nearly all external services use the api to verify account information (ie. twitterfeed). Guess I'll have to use proxies for everything. - Chris
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    [Free]I will get you a facebook account with 1000 friends for free [Free]

    lol, I think you're going to be pretty busy with an offer like that. I'd like one too, please :).
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    Sponsored tweets - publisher plan

    When I used sponsored tweets in the past, I found the recommended price to be a little too optimistic. I'd experiment a bit, starting with a low price and then raising it depending on how frequently I wanted offers.
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    Twitter and Banning?

    Hello all. So it's pretty obvious that twitter bans newly created accounts based on the ip address that they were created with. However, can you authenticate (OAuth) a large number of accounts on the same ip address without twitter catching on? Also, does twitter seem to flag accounts that...
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    Micro Investments?

    kiva doesn't offer any sort of incentive (you lend $25, hopefully get $25 back). Microplace is the only other alternative I know of. It's run by ebay, and offers a few percent APY on your money. However, considering that a few of the loans will probably default, I'd guess you'd end up breaking...
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    Is there interest in a cheap number service?

    Hello all, I had an idea about getting new phones numbers to verify facebook accounts. I might be able to sign up as a dealer for a prepaid company and be able to manually switch out the number on your prepaid account each time you'd want a new number. Obviously it would cost a little, like...
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