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  1. patricia424

    Social media boost help

    @socialmediapro : Hi Which Tool is used to get fake likes ? Thanks in advance
  2. patricia424

    (METHOD) How to monetize copyrighted content on Youtube

    @BoostKings.Org : Hi How you make Backlinks for YouTube Videos ? Thanks in Advance
  3. patricia424

    YTMONSTER account help

    @simsim1838 : Your right they have very bad support service. Im thinking to create new account. But its not easy to earned 50k credit, so i cant leave that account. @socialmediapro : I contact them and they respond but issue isn't fixed.
  4. patricia424

    YTMONSTER account help

    @socialmediapro and @simsim1838 : I contact ytmonster support on fb and there sit as well. But nobody respond. Thanks for replying.
  5. patricia424

    YTMONSTER account help

    Hi : Anyone using YTMONSTER help me. I forgot my password and changed. But after changing password i cant see Dashboard. Thanks in advance.
  6. patricia424

    YouTube Analytic: Requested Map Does Not Exist ?

    I though : Something is wrong with my channel . Thanks for replying
  7. patricia424

    YouTube Analytic: Requested Map Does Not Exist ?

    Hi : YouTube Analytic shows : Requested Map Does Not Exist. Whats the Issue? I'm attaching Screenshot. Thanks
  8. patricia424

    Post youtube vidoes on Reddit

    @socialmediapro : Thanks for guiding me :)
  9. patricia424

    Post youtube vidoes on Reddit

    @stack paper : Whats the submission ratio : Can you explain it ? How many videos i post in one day ?
  10. patricia424

    Post youtube vidoes on Reddit

    Hi : I want to Promote my YouTube videos on Reddit without getting my Reddit account shadowBan. Thanks
  11. patricia424

    Hello World

    Welcome Back to BHW! Enjoy your stay here :)
  12. patricia424

    A post from a newbie

    @Abrahim786 : Welcome to BHW. This Forum is full of idea. Go and check Threads.
  13. patricia424

    started for the bottom now we here ?

    I'm working hard to earn some money.
  14. patricia424

    hey man

    Welcome to BHW! Best of Luck
  15. patricia424

    skype problem

    Check your Internet.
  16. patricia424

    ShadowBan - a new algorithm instagram aware!

    Thank you for sharing information:)
  17. patricia424

    Couldn't help myself....

    Funny :)
  18. patricia424

    How does this guy upload WWE stuff without strikes??

    @loapsito : Don't understand why those channel dont get any copyright strikes
  19. patricia424

    Write porn website video descriptions

    @emmasexytime : Hi i can do this job. Pm me. Thanks
  20. patricia424

    Forum Posting Work

    Hi : Interested to work with you. PM me . Thanks
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