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    Need Online Marketer For Apple Resale Company

    I need someone to help me get my numbers of sales up. Someone who knows how to online marketing and gives me a good result of visitors to my website. I will only hire someone who knows what he/she is doing. Give me some examples of your work. We will not hire someone who doesn't know how to...
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    Lets trade Facebook Friend lists!

    I have an account with 1271 friends with and ALL these people I've collected from CL on searches for Jobs. Let me know if you can ad me your friends to my FaceBook Page! And i'll do likewise to you. I need Only USA friends and if possible people who are interested in electronics or use a Mac...
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    Craigslist Ad poster!

    I still didn't find the right person! Please advise!
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    Craigslist Ad poster!

    it's cool guys. I'm looking for the right person for the job. I need ads that will stay on for 24 hours in 3 cites that's it. And reposting them everyday. Let me here some rates
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    Craigslist Ad poster!

    Computer tect/wanted category
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    Craigslist Ad poster!

    I need a craigslist ad poster for sometime. If I get good turn back on my items i will want you to work even more and double the pay. I need around 3 ads a day! Each ad needs to stay on the whole day then re-list them everyday. Ads must not get flagged! If you have this skill then you might be...
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    Give me Friends on my Facebook Groups! I pay

    here is the group link. I need people who are acutely interested in apple computers. Let me know what you can do
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    Give me Friends on my Facebook Groups! I pay

    Im looking for REAL people added to my faceboko groups. Looking for around 15-20k If you can do this let me know and I can pay some money for some friends. Friends must be interested in the product. Which will be Apple products. Send me PM if interested -Ernest-
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    Trade your facebook friends for my friends

    Alright let me know where ti send my friends and same to you. -Ernest-
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    Trade your facebook friends for my friends

    I have 1,300 that can add to your groups or pages. Same would go on your side. PM me
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    Share your Facebook friends. I'll invite all mine to your group!

    Sweet I'm looking forward to this!
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    Metacafe traffic better than Youtube!

    so much more videos on youtube about MJ. Metacafe so so much smaller then youtube. But 900 plays thats good!
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    Youtube Rating/Comments/Favorites Service

    IM interested please send me PM
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    accounts creation service

    Can you make me 10,000 twitter,facebook,youtube,myspace accounts? How much would that be?
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    howto send message to all my followers in twitter

    The best thing i can by so fare is It lets you send 1,000 messages a day. -Ernest-
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    Say goodbye to Chaptcha

    No address just a phone number. You get a text or call telling you the code to type in.
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    Black Hat GDI...Make as much as you want every week!

    GDI is Great. I make really nice money with GDI. For being doing this for 4 months im making more the enough. I know how to market online. Send me a message if your interested.
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    Any GDI affiliates?

    Yeah they still pay. I get around 400 a week just from the bonuses.
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