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    Hello From Texas

    Houston, here, too Techxan. I might have to borrow your nic for a "Go Techxans!" bumper sticker, LOL! I love it.
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    Instagram Going Blackhat

    Here's some stuff from their blog. Are they backing off a bit?
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    Interlinking Web 2.0's

    Thank you all! There's more smart thinking in these few sentences than some folks put on huge web sites. Listening, learning and profiting all the time, because of BHW sharing. Thanks for adding to the arsenal.
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    Ultimate Social & Email Mass Account Creation System- Gmail PVA/Instagram/Pinterest + More

    Folks, I bought this puppy as soon as it came out. It's badass, constantly updated, and works just as he says! I'm having a ball (cuz it's FUN) and banking from private clients already, right here in my hometown. Get it. THANK-YOU, growth!
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    Google search results displaying on Gmail .

    Yes, it's true. I saw it for the first time today. So, I switched to duckduckgo for searching. They do not track. Private browsing mode also helps.
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    Give away twitter account & facebook pages

    I would like a Facebook fan page. Thanks!
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    This week 's addiction...

    May I humbly suggest Esperanza Spaulding? Now she's somebody who has me in addiction mode. Oh, and Lizz Wright. Check out her version of Neil Young's Old Man for starters.... I hope you enjoy...
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    Easy Method For Making Easy Cash - Perfect For Newbies.

    Here's a free standalone software for making your movies. It ain't Camtasia, but hey- it's simple, and it's free. Enjoy.
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    Anybody Here ,Lost A Parent?

    Keep him alive in your heart, as Wiz said. Let the good memories influence you, forgive any that were not good. I still do miss my parents, but oh when I think of them, there is so much joy because of them. It will come to you, too. Love as much as you can, and let those who care for you love...
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    [GET] The Great 2012 YouTube Giveaway

    2 accounts, if any left, please...thanks for sharing.
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    Suggest me a Laptop OR PC

    Have it custom made. I spent less than your budget, and got the machine of my dreams. The guy who built it is a master, and I take it to him once a year for upgrades, system check, ect. You will not regret custom work which the mass produced versions simply cannot match. Everybody has one of...
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    My mom is dying

    Prayers for you and yours, my friend, element_of_0ne. I've been there, too. And I am so grateful to BHW. I am proud to be counted among you, who are without borders and regional hatreds. You have redefined the words "Share," "Community" "Caring" "Respect" and not the least of all "Love". Be...
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    $$$s of easy money in days (recurring cash)

    Wow! You guys just made my day! OP's brilliantly simple idea, and then the thread just exploded into more sharing is caring goodness. Beautiful...but that's the best of BHW, isn't it? (Yes!)
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    #1 With No Hands SEO Alone

    I've done it a time or two without any problems. Wouldn't make it a habit though. Always cover your tracks, it's just safer.
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    BHW Keeps going down?

    It goes down late at night, every night, and I'm in TEXAS... :)
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    Dominate YouTube rankingsYT SEO Research ToolBULK Generate Titles/Descriptions[+more]

    Yes, please-will other video sites be added?
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    My only BHW complaint

    That's the spirit! Enjoy the ride! Succinct, yes. But don't curb your enthusiasm. You got STYLE... love it.
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    Has Tiffany Dow Spammed Your Blog Yet?

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    My only BHW complaint

    What irony. Take your own medicine. Your first 6 paragraphs could easily have made their points in one sentence each. The rest of it was well worth the read. Welcome to BHW...:D
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    [GUIDE] Scrapebox newbie tut [GUIDE]

    Great stuff! I hope it gets a sticky!
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